ZF expansion shows Michigan is the state for jobs

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Speaker-elect Tom Leonard, R-DeWitt, today issued the following statement regarding ZF Group’s plans to expand and add 800 new jobs, with most of the growth occurring in Michigan.  ZF currently employees more than 1,000 people in Michigan.


“Another day in Michigan sees another major jobs announcement.  This good news seems to come every day, because there is new opportunity and new potential all across our great state.  That alone is a big change, and a welcome one.  Michigan used to be full of signs saying ‘Closed for Business,’ but today we see signs saying ‘Now Hiring’ everywhere we look.


“We have worked hard to make Michigan a better place to find a job, earn a paycheck and raise a family.  That investment is paying off, as ZF’s announcement, following Ford and Fiat Chrysler, shows Michigan is now the place to look for new opportunities and new growth.  Going into the new year, we must continue to pursue the strong reforms that have turned Michigan into one of the nation’s best states for workers, job-seekers and their families.”