Walsh applauds fiscally responsible budget that protects Michigan residents

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The Michigan House of Representatives today approved the budget for fiscal year 2014.  State Rep. John Walsh was happy to see continued fiscal responsibility in both the school aid and the general fund budget.

“My colleagues and I in the Michigan House have continued to take on a fiscally responsible path that will help not only our generation, but also future generations,” said Walsh, R-Livonia.  “Michigan has come back from the lost decade, and now is not the time to return to spend money we do not have.  I’m pleased we are able to keep our spending increase below the rate of inflation to protect Michigan residents from the unnecessary and out of control spending of the past.”

Some of the highlights from the budget include:

  • Over $400 million in additional funding for K-12 education;
  • $351 million to improve Michigan roads and infrastructure;
  • $75 million for the state’s Rainy Day Fund; and
  • $20 million in individual tax relief.


“Knowing what is included in the state budget is very important to our local governments and school systems,” Walsh said.  “By once again finishing the budget by June 1 we are allowing for local systems to plan ahead and be prepared for what money they are receiving from the state so they can budget accordingly.”

House Bills 4228 and 4328 now go to the Senate for consideration.