VIDEO: Rep. Schroeder honors direct support professionals on Michigan House floor

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State Rep. Andrea Schroeder, of Independence Township, today introduced a resolution declaring Sept. 8-14 as “Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week” in the state of Michigan.

“Direct support professionals are dedicated individuals who offer crucial aid to individuals with disabilities, assisting with needs that many of us take for granted and helping them live meaningful, self-directed lives,” Schroeder said. “With this resolution, I would like to take the opportunity to recognize their hard work and dedication. I believe direct support professionals are unsung heroes in our communities, helping friends and neighbors to live vibrant, productive and fulfilling lives.”

Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week is a national initiative spearheaded by the American Network of Community Options and Resources intended to help create a community of providers for people with disabilities. Michigan joins this initiative with the approval of House Resolution 150.

Direct support professionals help individuals with disabilities live meaningful and productive lives by helping them with their medical care planning, provide support to maintain relationships with family, friends, and their community, and –most importantly— these professionals provide individuals with disabilities a trusted confidant who looks out for their well-being and care.