VanSingel plan will shape science-backed water resource policies

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The House today passed a plan led by state Rep. Scott Van Singel that will strengthen  the relationship between the state’s Water Use Advisory Council and the Legislature in order to devise practical and scientifically sound water resource management policies. It will require the Water Use Advisory Council to report to the Legislature, as originally intended when it was established in 2008.

“Our water is our most precious natural resource and is integral to our Michigan way of life, and I am confident this plan will help us to better protect our water while also making sure it is accessible to those who need it,” VanSingel said. “I thank my colleagues for supporting this common-sense plan and for working to continue Michigan’s comeback economy.”

The Water Use Advisory Council oversees the Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool, which regulates any withdrawal of a large quantity of water that could impact a river or stream, such as for crop irrigation. The council has a diverse membership that includes individuals representing agriculture, industries, golf courses, utilities, water well drillers, municipal water supplies, water resource groups, state and federal agencies, conservation and environmental groups, tribal organizations and universities.

Now that the bill, HB 6123, has passed the House it will advance to the Senate for consideration.