VanSingel bill eliminating unnecessary state regulation signed into law

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State Rep. Scott VanSingel, left, and his legislative aides Marie Minarik and Travis Chapman, right, take part in a bill-signing ceremony Tuesday with Gov. Rick Snyder.

Legislation introduced by state Rep. Scott VanSingel eliminating a confusing and unnecessary state regulation was recently signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder.

VanSingel’s bill was part of a four-piece package repealing the Michigan Explosives Act.

“The Michigan Explosives Act was a useless law that generated confusion and created a liability for the state,” said VanSingel, of Grant. “People cannot legally possess explosives in Michigan without obtaining a federal permit, which requires applicants to go through a better screening process than the outdated and inefficient state law.”

VanSingel said eliminating this state regulation makes it absolutely clear that a federal permit is required to possess explosives in Michigan.

The legislation, House Bill 4524, was VanSingel’s first bill signed into law. It becomes Public Act 28 of 2018.