Then & NowMichigan’s recovery is becoming more obvious each day, and today is no different.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released its September jobs report, and our state’s unemployment rate has decreased once again; this time to 7.2 percent. The new unemployment rate is the lowest Michigan has seen since March 2008.

Michigan’s turnaround can be seen in more than just a declining unemployment rate. In fact, since Republicans were asked to lead in 2010, the Great Lake State has risen to the top of many economic rankings.

During the Lost Decade, Michigan went from losing 800,000 jobs to creating 300,000 careers. The state’s GDP even dropped to worst in the country under irresponsible leadership, but now, Michigan has the sixth fastest-growing GDP. What else proves Michigan’s recovery? Our tax climate was once rated as the second worst in the country, and today, we have the 14th best tax climate.

Four years ago, all of these factors resulted in the worst statistic of all: Michigan’s economic outlook was at an all-time low and only 35 percent of people thought our state’s economy was improving.

But that Lost Decade low has completely vanished, and this year, an impressive 71 percent of Michiganders believe our economy is looking better and will continue to improve.

Today’s BLS jobs report is proof Michigan’s recovery, and when you look at all the other reports, one thing is clear — Michigan’s future is brighter today thanks to Republican leadership.