#TBT: Back to school for a #BrighterFuture

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TBTEDWelcome to the latest edition of Throwback Thursday.  As Michigan children head back to school, we are taking a look at the work the House Education Committee has done to provide Michigan children the best possible education and Michigan teachers the tools they need to help these students.

Education is often a hot-button issue in our state, which is understandable since our children deserve a quality education, as they are the future of our state.  A great education not only helps to create a brighter future not only for our children, but for our state as a whole.

The House Education Committee has been and will continue to make changes that will benefit Michigan students and the education system.  The committee has considered and passed a number of important pieces of legislation including:

  • Allowing high schools greater opportunities to learn about and prepare for technical and skilled trade careers (Public Acts 208 -09 of 2014)
  • Updating the Educational Achievement Authority to ensure that Michigan students in failing schools have the opportunity to receive a great education. (House Bill 4369)
  • Protecting the safety of Michigan children by creating legislation requiring schools to be equipped with lifesaving epi-pens and that teachers and administrators be trained to use them.
  • Creating a more effective evaluation system for Michigan’s educators. (HBs 5223 and 5224)
  • Ensuring third graders are meeting the reading benchmarks needed to succeed in future grades by requiring that students meet a minimum benchmark for advancement to the next grade level. (HB 5111)

There are many more bills that the House Education committee will be considering before the end of the legislative term that will continue to work toward a brighter future for Michigan’s children.