Investing more in roads

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Fixing Roads with Current ResourcesOver the past four years, House Republicans have worked to make road funding a priority.

If you’re looking for proof of this dedication, you need look no further than the investments the House has made under Republican leadership.

Since 2010, House Republicans have invested more than $870 million from existing resources in improving our state’s roads — a full $870 million more than the previous administration put toward fixing our roads and bridge.

That’s right, folks. Prior to Republican leadership, $0 from existing resources went towards improving or fixing our roads. Zero.

House Republicans understand that fixing our roads and bridges is important to creating a brighter future for Michigan residents and will continue dedicating existing resources to fixing our roads and bridges. However, we also know the importance of finding a long-term solution to fix a decades-old problem.

Whether it is our Building Better Michigan Roads plan or other plans currently up for discussion, there is no doubt that we are focused on finding the solution that is efficient and effective.

Michiganders have spoken and the Michigan House continues to listen, so we will continue to make road funding a priority.

After our roads had been neglected for too many years, we have led the way with one-time investments in roads for each of the past three years; now it’s time to make structural changes that will continue and build upon that trend.

— House Speaker Jase Bolger

As the Senate continues its deliberations on the road funding package, House Republicans remain committed to finding a long-term solution that fixes Michigan’s crumbling roads and paves the way for a brighter future.