Students first, athletes second

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As of late, the line has been blurred
as to whether student athletes are
students or employees of the
college they attend.

On Tuesday, the Michigan House took decisive action toward clearing up some of the confusion.

Representatives gave their stamp of approval on a bill ensuring student athletes remain classified as students—not employees—which in turn prohibits them from joining or forming public unions. This ensures that college athletes will still be enrolled in school for the main purpose: education.

Fewer than 2 percent of men’s football and basketball student athletes continue to play professionally, and an even smaller group of student athletes from other college sports become professional athletes.

Colleges and universities that seek to turn hard-working student athletes into employees just to make money and garner attention will not be tolerated in the Great Lake State.

The discussion of this issue really begs an answer to the bigger question: What is the intended purpose of college? Is it about making money, or is it about getting an education? Are student-athletes there to learn, guaranteeing the best shot at future success in life? Or are they enrolled as employees, just there to pull in money and attention for the university?

–Rep. Al Pscholka, R-Stevensville

After they’ve hung up their alma mater’s uniform, former college athletes with well-deserved degrees will become important contributors to Michigan’s communities. Helping these students focus on their college education will give them a better chance for a brighter future.