State Rep. Mike McCready, R-Bloomfield Hills, today issued the following statement after attending Gov. Snyder’s Fiscal Year 2014 budget presentation:

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“Today the governor kicked off the budget process with his recommendations and shared several interesting ideas with our committees. Now it’s our turn to take a hard look at each proposal and make sure to budget every taxpayer dollar in the most efficient manner possible. I appreciated Gov. Snyder’s commitment to paying down our debt and making sure that our state is prepared for emergencies that could arise down the road.

“As chairman of the subcommittee on Michigan State Police, I look forward to working with the governor on improving public safety throughout our state. Hearing plans for additional troopers and an additional trooper school was encouraging and I hope we can find a way to ensure these and other public safety initiatives are included in the budget.

“I’m also glad that we’re finally having the conversation about fixing Michigan’s roads and bridges. This discussion has been put off for too long and the people we serve are counting on us to find a way to improve our system. While I appreciate the governor’s ideas, I strongly believe we need to look at all options and find the best solution possible to this problem.