State Rep. Hank Vaupel Weekly Column: Sept. 30, 2018

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This week, I supported a package of bills with my Michigan House colleagues to protect the Great Lakes by strengthening safety standards in the Straits of Mackinac. We must protect our waters from the threat of spills, and the Straits of Mackinac Safety, Protection and Accountability action plan will help do that. The legislation clearly establishes the straits as no-anchor zone, requires signage to make the straits as a no anchor zone, ensures the state receives notification of any issues involving spills, and guarantees whistle blower protections for individuals who report problems with the pipeline. With these guidelines, we are improving reporting from pipeline operators and making them accountable to the people of Michigan.  This action plan protects families and Michigan’s natural resources.

House Bills 6187, 6199, 6200, 6201 and 6398, now move to the Senate for consideration.


I attended a presentation on the Talking is Teaching Campaign which highlights the importance of early learning skills for pre-kindergarten children and their families. The program was coordinated by Livingston Educational Service Agency (LESA). It’s important to build a strong learning foundation at a young age for children. I look forward to future opportunities to work with this group to assist families with information on skills and activities to help children prosper during their early years.


A group of Howell High School students from the robotics team visited Lansing on Wednesday. I am proud to see students passionate about working together in science and technology. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are important in today’s society and people working in this field are changing the world for the better.

I am proud of what these students have accomplished with their team as award winners.  The robotics teams include all levels of students including elementary, middle school and high school grades with the high school members helping some of the younger participants excel and learn new skills.  I wish them all good luck on their future projects and competitions!



PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Hank Vaupel (center) welcomed Morgan Carstensen (left) and Ashlin Niemiec (right), members of the Howell High School Robotics Team to Lansing on Wednesday.