Speaker Leonard on income tax relief

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“I promised the people of Michigan last year that House Republicans would cut their taxes and put more money in their pocket.  Today, we completed that task and gave every single taxpayer in the state long-overdue tax relief.


“Michigan’s hard-working taxpayers pitched in and helped this state get through tough times several years ago.  Now we are the comeback state and our economy is booming.  It is well past time we gave some of this money back to the people who earned it.”


Senate Bills 748 and 750 increase Michigan residents’ personal exemption on their income tax filings to $4,900 per year.  Once fully phased in, the bills will provide Michigan residents with a total income tax cut of $176.3 million every year.  The tax cut will apply to every single taxpayer in the state.


Speaker Leonard in the Detroit News on Jan 17, 2017:

“I am going to do all I can to keep this promise to you: Republicans will cut your taxes. It is our best way forward to building a stronger, more prosperous future for Michigan.”