Speaker Leonard calls on Twistars and USA Gymnastics to stop deceiving Nassar survivors about legislative reforms

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Speaker of the House Tom Leonard, R-DeWitt, today called on Twistars and USA Gymnastics to drop a misleading legal argument made in new filings in the civil case related to the abuse committed by Larry Nassar.

“Twistars and USA Gymnastics are making obviously false and bizarre claims about the Legislature’s recent reforms on sexual assault, trying to avoid their responsibility to the survivors and escape litigation on a technicality that doesn’t exist,” said Speaker Leonard.  “They’re wrong and they know it.  The Legislature clearly intended for both organizations to be completely covered by the retroactive portion of the new legislation and to have to face the survivors in court, and anything else is a willful misreading of an obvious reform.  These disingenuous legal maneuvers do nothing but mislead the public about the Legislature’s work and create confusion and pain for the survivors.”

Twistars and USA Gymnastics both made multiple claims last week in separate filings that clearly misread the Legislature’s new sexual assault reform legislation.  The filings make several baseless assertions, ranging from simply misreading references to Larry Nassar in the bill language to somehow claiming the legislative intent in extending the statute of limitations was to not extend the statute of limitations.

“They’re desperate and embarrassed about what happened, but that is no excuse,” said Leonard.  “The survivors of this abuse deserve justice, and they deserve honesty at least from the people who let their abuse happen.  Twistars and USA Gymnastics have made serious mistakes over the years, and they both need to own up to it and try this case on the merits, not on disinformation.”