Speaker Bolger’s statement on final passage of state budget in House today

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Speaker of the House Jase Bolger, R-Marshall, issued the following statement regarding final passage of the state budget in the House today:

“We believe getting the budget done early should now be the new normal. We could not have achieved this self-imposed deadline without the support and cooperation of our colleagues in the Senate. The House has completed its work through resolving the details of each budget within the Senate subcommittee reports. Completing our work today in the House means plenty of time remains for the Senate to complete all of our work together, well ahead of local governments and school districts needing to complete theirs. The earlier completion for the state budget is a huge benefit to local municipalities and school districts that, for decades, struggled with passing their own budgets based on estimated funding instead of real numbers.

“But more than just getting the budget done early is getting it done well. We have a structurally balanced budget that is focused on moving Michigan forward with responsible decisions made on how best to spend money that was first earned by a hard-working taxpayer. Overall, this budget restrains spending to below the rate of inflation, and yet the priority areas such as education and public safety each have  increases well above the rate of inflation.  We’re increasing savings and cutting the state’s debt. We have $430 million more for education, $75 million for a savings deposit, and $350 million for road repairs – all from existing revenue sources. That’s possible because we made difficult but responsible decisions to prioritize the taxpayers’ investment in their state government.”



Contact: Ari B. Adler

Communications Director and Press Secretary