Speaker Bolger: ‘It’s simple math; state financial support for education is up while the number of students is down’

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LANSING –House Republicans are focused on continuing to deliver results for improved educational success for Michigan students by building on the effective reforms and increased funding provided over the past few years, Speaker of the House Jase Bolger said today.

“No one should ever say ‘that’s good enough’ when we are talking about our kids’ futures, because they represent our state’s future,” said Bolger, R-Marshall. “We have been focused on accountability, effectiveness and quality in the reforms and the funding plans we approved over the past two years. Those building blocks are what we will use to help our students and teachers achieve even more success moving forward.”

House Republicans today released a document based on non-partisan House Fiscal Agency calculations that show the increases in school funding, particularly since Republicans were elected to a majority in the House. The governor has proposed $11.5 billion in education spending in FY 2014.

Since Fiscal Year 2010, Michigan’s financial support for K-12 schools has been increasing even while student enrollment has been decreasing. The FY 2013 state appropriations were 4 percent higher than FY 2011. When enrollment declines are factored in, state appropriations are 6% higher per student. During the same time period, federal funding for Michigan’s K-12 students has seen sharp declines.

“Some people want to say ‘if you back out this, if you subtract that, and if you adjust for something else, spending on education is down.’ But it’s simple math: state financial support for education is up while the number of students is down,” Bolger said. “Parents are saying loud and clear that they want a high-quality education for their children. That’s why we are continuing our unwavering commitment to help teachers and students succeed so we can help provide a high-quality education for every child in Michigan.”

The House Republican document also lays out key results from reform efforts last term as well as commitments for this term to increase accountability, effectiveness and quality in Michigan’s K-12 system.




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