Somerville: $3M in state funding secured for long overdue grade separation project in Woodhaven

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Lawmaker helps to secure needed funds to relieve ‘headache’ train stop

State Rep. Pat Somerville today announced $3 million in road funds have been secured by the Michigan Legislature that will create a grade separation so that cars can travel under a Woodhaven railroad crossing, relieving area residents of the headache on Allen Road that has plagued the area for years.

The project award will help fund the grade separation construction, along with utility relocation related to the project, helping ease the burden on local communities that have struggled to come up with funding for the project.

“This has been a top priority of mine – to ensure that our area got one of the largest awards from the state to help fund this project,” said Somerville, R-New Boston. “Anyone who has driven in Woodhaven has probably been stopped by the train. This grade separation will not only make life better for area residents and will facilitate better emergency services for Oakwood Southshore Hospital and provide better access for local fire departments.”

The announcement of these projects came today as part of a statewide roll out of projects that have been determined by the Michigan Department of Transportation and Michigan Legislature.

“This has been a top priority of mine since getting into office,” Somerville said. “It is my hope that we can move forward quickly on the project and that local communities do everything possible to ensure that this project gets the attention it deserves and moves to completion as quickly as possible.”

Although the state Legislature and governor have allocated almost $870 million to improve roads and bridges since fiscal year 2012, the state spent zero general fund dollars on roads during fiscal years 2003-11.