Skilled Trades Training Fund will benefit Lenawee County companies

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State Rep. Bronna Kahle of Adrian today praised the Lenawee County companies that received Skilled Trades Training Fund grants in the 2017-18 state budget, ensuring their employees have the skills they need for in-demand jobs.

“The training fund grants are a great opportunity for our companies in Lenawee County,” Kahle said. “The funds will help provide training for our local workforce while ensuring the employees have the skills they need for in-demand jobs. It’s a win for everyone!”

The Skilled Trades Training Fund awards competitive grants to employers to assist in training, developing and retaining current employees and individuals to be hired. The training must be short-term in duration and lead to a credential for a skill transferrable and recognized by the industry, according to the Talent Investment Agency. In addition, employers that receive funding must commit to retaining individuals at the completion of the training.

The following Lenawee County businesses received awards for training dollars for fiscal year 2017-2018:


  • Anderson Development                 $23,845
  • DePierre Industries (AGET)          $13,590
  • Dr. Flue                                          $1,545
  • Gyro                                               $3,000
  • Iott Electric                                   $3,000
  • RIMA                                             $81,155
  • Ventures                                         $5,870
  • W2 Fuels                                        $20,812


Total                                              $152,817