State unemployment reaches six-year low

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Michigan’s unemployment rate has decreased again, this time as low as the March 2008 rate. That’s right, our unemployment rate is at its lowest in more than six and half years. The September 2014 statewide unemployment rate has dropped by two-tenths of percent down to 7.2 percent; a decrease that can be attributed to the fact that private sector jobs increased by 9,000 and unemployed residents seeking jobs dropped by 6,000.

What makes our state’s turnaround a one-of-a-kind recovery is that we are creating more and better jobs for people who do now or will soon call Michigan home. We are near the top of every economic indicator, first for manufacturing job growth and a top-10 state for high- and middle-wage jobs. What’s more, personal income is at its highest level in six years, up by about 3.5 percent since Republicans were asked to lead in 2010.

— House Speaker Jase Bolger, R-Marshall

Michigan’s declining unemployment rate is due in part to the work of Republican leaders throughout the state. Republicans have focused on our state’s biggest problems and have worked to find real answers that make Michigan a better state for those who live and work here.

Today’s news is proof that Michigan’s future is brighter because Michigan has turned jobs lost into careers gained. Before Republican leadership, the unemployment rate was more than four percentage points higher at 11.3 percent. It is clear that better days are ahead in Michigan and that we’re coming back stronger than ever.