Schroeder leads bipartisan plan to make electric vehicles more accessible, spur economic growth

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State Rep. Andrea Schroeder today introduced a bipartisan plan that would make installing electric vehicle charging stations more attractive for retailers to increase drivers’ access to charging stations.

“Electric vehicles are a great technology that can be an economical and environmentally conscious option for many Michigan families, but access to charging stations remains a stumbling block,” Schroeder said. “This plan gives retailers a financial incentive – similar to operating gas stations – to install electric charging stations on their property.”

Schroeder’s proposal is part of a two-bill, bipartisan package that would allow retailers, like supermarkets, to install and operate charging stations and charge for their use. The plan requires retailers to clearly display the price for charging vehicle batteries at the charging station, both in terms of cost per kWh and the dollar per minute or dollar per hour equivalent.

“Many electric vehicles can travel hundreds of miles on a single charge, but charging stations are few and far between, making it hard for many families who may be interested in an electric vehicle to make that choice,” Schroeder said. “It is my hope that this plan will open up the marketplace for retailers and consumers alike.”

Schroeder’s proposal consists of House Bills 4806 and 4807.