Runestad: Adults should have jobs or be in school to receive Medicaid

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Legislation ensures Medicaid program stays in the black

State Rep. Jim Runestad introduced legislation Wednesday that would initiate a work requirement program for eligible Medicaid recipients.

Last month, President Trump announced the federal government would accept waivers from states to allow for Medicaid work requirements. Runestad’s bill directs the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to seek the waiver, establish policies for determining who is able and eligible to work, and set up work, volunteer or education requirements.

“This is the right direction to move to ensure our Medicaid program remains solvent,” said Runestad, of White Lake Township. “Under this legislation, all eligible, able-bodied adults aged 18 or older on Medicaid must work, volunteer or be in school. There’s absolutely no reason why someone capable of working shouldn’t have a job or make a contribution to society.”

Similar legislation was introduced in December of last year by another lawmaker, however, this proposal is markedly different in that it authorizes the DHHS to develop the program and define eligibility for able bodied adults.

House Bill 5701 was referred to the House Appropriations Committee.