On the road to a brighter future

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FixingRoadsWe’ve said it before, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth saying again — Michigan is on the road to a brighter future.

Only a few years ago, Michigan was experiencing one of its worst economic climates in history. Back then, jobs were disappearing, our population was declining and a belief in a better Michigan was fading fast.

The road to a brighter future:

– Nearly $1 billion in General Fund dollars invested
– More money means more roads projects
– Legislation introduced to establish a long-term funding solution

What a difference four years — and one administration change — can make. Now, the Great Lake State has turned the corner, and things are looking up for everyone who calls Michigan home.

Republicans in the House, Senate and governor’s office have worked hard to prioritize where your hard-earned tax dollars are put to use – placing an emphasis on investing money wisely and putting more toward our classrooms, roads and bridges and the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

Under the previous administration, Michigan was barreling toward an infrastructure breakdown. During the Lost Decade, zero General Fund dollars were put toward our roads and bridges, and every Michigan resident suffered because of that oversight.

Our roads were crumbling, and it’s a direct result of the lack of care our state experienced for those eight years.

Contrast that with the past four years under Republican leadership, and the road ahead is starting to look much smoother. Since 2011, nearly a billion General Fund dollars have been dedicated to fixing our roads and bridges.

That’s right, Republicans have invested $870 million of existing state resources into our state’s roads — including an additional $285 million during fiscal year 2015 — compared to the $0 during the Lost Decade. And more money means more roads projects, plain and simple.

Whether finding room in our state’s budget for much-needed local projects, investing existing resources into our roads, introducing road funding legislation or even joining a construction crew on local roads, House Republicans have been hard at work looking for road funding solutions in an effort to create a brighter future for all Michigan residents.

Relax and enjoy Pure Michigan, because the ride’s about to get much smoother!