Residents can take online survey on gas tax proposal — Rep. Lauwers

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State Rep. Dan Lauwers, a member of the House Transportation Committee, today announced he is seeking input from area residents regarding how best to improve Michigan’s roads and bridges.

The issue received greater urgency after Gov. Rick Snyder proposed a plan to increase Michigan’s gas tax and its diesel tax to pay for road repair and maintenance. The tax increases could help raise $1.2 billion annually. 

“Our roads and bridges are in terrible shape, there’s no doubt about it, and how we go about fixing the problem is a question that will receive considerable debate at the Capitol,” said Lauwers, R-Brockway Township.  “I want as many local residents as possible to weigh in on this important issue so I can best represent them during the voting process.  An online survey is a convenient way for people to get their voices heard. 

“In addition, I’m obviously open to discuss this issue with anyone who visits my office hours or contacts my office.”

Questions on the five-question survey include “Would you support an increase in Michigan’s gas tax to increase funding for road construction and maintenance,” and “Would you support finding savings in Michigan’s current budget to fund road construction and maintenance instead of raising new revenue?”

The survey can be taken at Those unable to take the survey online may give their feedback by contacting Lauwers’ office at (517) 373-1790; or through email at