Reps. Lyons and LaFontaine want to take a Senator hunting

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Hunting Invite

Hunting is a time-honored Michigan tradition enjoyed by women and men alike. Senator Rebekah Warren, however, would like everyone to believe that the Legislature taking a short break to allow members to honor and promote this pastime “is proof the “male-dominated” culture is alive and well in the Senate.”*

House Education Committee Chair and avid hunter Lisa Posthumus Lyons said, “This isn’t about men out doing ‘man stuff.’ It is about recognizing and honoring Michigan’s long-celebrated hunting heritage. It’s about our great natural resources, the harvest and — most of all — family.”

Rep. Andrea LaFontaine, Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, said, “Hunting is something you should experience firsthand in order to fully appreciate its rich history and our natural resources. There is something incredibly special about being in the woods at dawn and dusk, and it’s a great way to immerse yourself in Michigan’s stunning natural landscapes.”

Both Representatives are inviting Sen. Warren to join them for a hunting outing to experience this time-honored sport in the great outdoors of Pure Michigan.

*From MIRS Capitol Capsule 10/31.