Reps. Barrett, Calley among sponsors for military member license legislation

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State Reps. Tom Barrett and Julie Calley sponsored legislation introduced by Rep. Daire Rendon on last week requiring the Secretary of State to create a sticker for active duty military members to place on their driver’s licenses.

When active military members are deployed overseas for long periods of time, their driver’s licenses expire. The sticker would act as a safeguard to prove to law enforcement that the individual was on active duty when the license expired if they happened to be pulled over when returning home.

“The last thing our armed service members are thinking about when they come home is if their driver’s license is expired,” said Barrett, of Potterville. “This sticker would prevent active military members from getting in trouble for not having their licenses renewed yet.”

Armed service members would still be expected to renew their licenses, but the sticker would prevent them from late fees and a hefty ticket for driving with an expired license.

“It’s the least we can do for our military heroes,” said Calley, of Portland. “This legislation doesn’t excuse our active military members from renewing their driver’s license like everyone else, but at least it gives them a warning and reminder to renew it before they pay the fines that are associated with expired driver’s licenses.”

House Bill 4836 was referred to the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee for consideration.