Reps. Barrett, Bellino issue statement on the status of no-fault reform in Michigan

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State Reps. Tom Barrett, of Charlotte, and Joe Bellino, of Monroe, who have led recent efforts to reform Michigan’s failing no-fault car insurance system, today issued the following statement:

“For the more than seven million hard-working Michigan drivers paying some of the highest car insurance rates in the nation, we are committed to seizing every sliver of opportunity to devise a lasting solution to the skyrocketing cost of insurance. We ran short on time this week with the 99th Legislature’s conclusion, but it does not mean the fight is over. We’ll be right back after the first of the year—full-throttle, working to roll back the out-of-control costs, once and for all. It’s been more than four decades of climbing costs caused by Michigan’s failed car insurance system. The public support for reform is reaching a new high, surpassing levels we’ve ever seen before. Because Michiganders are fully engaged and passionate about reforms, change will come soon – it’s inevitable. It’s well past time to end the status quo that prioritizes powerful interest groups over drivers, and we look forward to coming back next year, working diligently to pass the critical reforms the people of Michigan not only demand of us, but deserve.”