Roll Call Number Date Bill Number Vote Type Vote Explanation
305 6/24/2020 SJR G Passage Yes As technology continues to advance and we utilize electronic data on a daily basis, it is important to protect individuals electronic property from unreasonable search and seizure. PASSED 106-0
302 6/24/2020 HB 4460 Passage Yes The best way to fix ‘surprise billing’ is to take the surprise away. This bill creates transparency between the provider and patient so that they are aware of healthcare costs and can  make informed decisions to prevent surprise billing. One of the keys to economic growth is trade and one of the key requirements for trade (trading healthcare services for money from the patient in this scenario) to be economically beneficial is for costs to be transparent. The healthcare system has long been an economic nightmare because costs are hidden and this should help fix that problem. PASSED 106-0
301, 303, 304 6/24/2020 HB 4459, HB 4990, HB 4991 Passage No Surprise billing is a problem and I commend the sponsors on trying to address it. I was happy to support part of this bill package (see bill below) but these bills also instituted price controls where the government would tell doctors what they can charge. There is a wealth of economic data that shows the harm in government price controls on an industry to both the providers and the patients.All three bills PASSED respectively 101-5, 104-2, 104-2
300 6/24/2020 HB 5859 Passage Yes This would allow for more judges that could offer flexibility for coverage of a single district instead of handling different counties. PASSED 106-0
299 6/24/2020 HB 5672 Passage No Oh boy, this bill has drawn a lot of attention. Let me start by clearly stating I am opposed to microchipping and I would never work for an employer that required that. However, I have also long advocated for the right to contract and limiting government’s involvement in contracts between two private parties. An employer-employee contract is no different. Although I do not agree with implantation of microchips, it is the employers right to have certain requirements in order to work there just as it is the employees right to have certain requirements (such as being free from microchipped) or he will bring his labor to someone else. One of the great things about America is the freedom we allow people to make these decisions for themselves. PASSED 104-2
298 6/24/2020 HB 5178 Passage Yes This would implement one uniform credentialing plan for Medicaid services for healthcare providers instead of an individual plan for each one. This should make things simply and reduce paperwork in the healthcare field which is already overburdened with paperwork. PASSED 107-0
297 6/24/2020 HB 5832 Passage No We all agree that mental health assessment and assistance is important but this merely creates more bureaucracy. We need to limit bureaucracy and get out of the way of  medical professionals trying to help their patients. PASSED 102-5
295, 296 6/24/2020 HB 5824, HB 5825 Passage Yes It only makes sense to codify into law the tax and filing deadline extensions from executive orders that could not have been met due to COVID-19. Both bills PASSED 107-0
294 6/24/2020 SB 696 Passage Yes Creating this process which allows for more experience and training through different situations would equip licensees to handle their responsibilities effectively. This should help reduce costs in certain areas. PASSED 107-0
293 6/24/2020 HB 4437 Passage No This continues to increase funeral costs which can be extremely difficult for low-income families during a tough period in their life. We should place the standards that must be met and let the market place determine what the right amount of education is to fulfill those standards. PASSED 99-8
290, 291, 292 6/24/2020 SB 876, SB 877, SB 878 Passage Yes Because of COVID-19 and the furloughing of many state government employees, the SOS offices did not have the capability to renew driver’s licenses, state ID cards, or vehicle registrations. This is only fair to those who couldn’t be serviced during this time. All three bills PASSED 107-0
289 6/24/2020 HB 4866 Passage Yes I introduced this bill as it makes sense to allow individuals who own historic military vehicles to utilize them in parades and other celebratory events. This was a bill introduced by a Democrat Senator last term but was unable to get it all the way through the process and I was happy to pick it back up and try again. PASSED 95-12
288 6/24/2020 HB 5314 Passage No We have a debt problem in our state and we should not be making it easier to go into further debt. PASSED 105-2
287 6/24/2020 SB 517 Passage No There are already studies done on tolling and we are in a major budget shortfall right now. This is not the time to pay for this study. We should be focusing on the core requirements first while our economy gets back on its feet. PASSED 56-51
283, 284, 285, 286 6/24/2020 SB 585, HB 4475, HB 5267, HB 5334 Passage Yes Honoring our military personnel who continually sacrifice their lives for our freedoms and liberties through highway name designations is a great way to display our gratitude for their service to our country. All four bills PASSED respectively 107-0, 107-0, 106-1, 106-1
280, 281, 282 6/24/2020 SB 935, SB 936, SB 937 Passage Yes Extending tax deadlines for businesses who weren’t allowed to operate during COVID-19 allows them to get back on their feet. All three bills PASSED respectively 101-7, 99-9, & 98-10
279 6/24/2020 SB 850 Passage Yes I worked last session to get the Hemp Program started in Michigan and these changes are required to come into compliance with the federal requirements. Over the past few years, hemp research has found its fibers useful in numerous products like fabrics, textiles, paper, and carpeting. Legalizing the industrialization of hemp will only benefit the economy. PASSED 108-0
278 6/24/2020 HB 5861 Passage Yes There are certain areas where cargo trains stop to load up and are blocking major roadways. This can prevent emergency services from getting through at important times. This fund is narrowly tailored to address those situations. PASSED 106-2
277 6/24/2020 HB 5837 Passage Yes Instead of defunding the police, we need to be investing more into helping train law enforcement properly to equip them to handle many different unforeseen circumstances. Providing them with more in-depth training and mental health resources will only strengthen our police force and create a more civil society. I worked with the bill sponsor to have some amendments added that I thought allowed for better training regarding some of the situations we have seen recently. I thank him for his willingness to work with me on this. Even though we may be in different parties, Rep. Peterson has been a fantastic Representative to work with. PASSED 108-0
276 6/24/2020 HB 5589 Passage Yes We should let the free market work and let consumers decide what is an appropriate interest rate. Michigan’s current limit is lower than many other states. Both bills PASSED 67-41
275 6/24/2020 HB 5575 Passage Yes Although I am opposed to the Rural Development Fund Program which is a corporate welfare fund, if it’s going to exist, it should be open for more people to apply and not limited to just those with connections. PASSED 101-7
274 6/24/2020 HB 5407 Passage No This is a classic example of rent-seeking. Companies with smoke detector batteries that last for 10 years lobby for their product to be required due to ‘safety’. However, there are other safe products out there that last for 8 or 9 years that under this bill are illegal to sell. This is one of the fundamental problems in Lansing where favoritism is shown to one company over others due to some claim of safety but will actually raise costs on consumers. We should let the free market work in these situations. PASSED 89-19
272, 273 6/24/2020 HB 4546, HB 4547 Concurrence Yes Current law only allows for costs to be reimbursed based on the proportion of the school year that a student attends the postsecondary institution or CTE program. This would allow for summer classes to qualify for reimbursement. Both bills PASSED 108-0
270, 271 6/24/2020 HB 5761, HB 5810 Concurrence Yes Many people lost their jobs or were laid off due to COVID-19 which resulted in financial hardships. This bill allows them time to get back on their feet before having to worry about property taxes. Both bills PASSED respectively 108-0, 107-1
268 6/24/2020 HB 5795 Passage Yes This is a common-sense bill that offers more convenience and access to will-making. In a day and age where electronic signatures are heavily utilized, it should be no different regarding the viability of wills. This will actually make signing of wills more secure as you can know record the process. PASSED 57-51
267 6/24/2020  HB 5602 Passage Yes Local governments are misrepresenting the regulations on low voltage electric fences due to a lack of clarity, which often times results in businesses/residents being unable to use them. This bill creates clarity in the law to prevent misrepresentation by local governments. PASSED 68-40
266 6/24/2020 SB 630 Passage No First, I am opposed to increasing taxes and fees on people. In addition, the licensing requirements brought about by this will serve to restrict people from entering this field. There is a minimum 50-client requirement for this license which makes it very difficult for someone to enter this industry. This is a good deal for those already in but hurts those on the outside looking in. PASSED 99-9
265 6/24/2020 HR 282 Passage Yes This bill is regarding the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline, which is vital infrastructure for many Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula residents. The Line 5 pipeline is necessary for things like heating homes and providing energy, and this project, which would employ thousands of workers, would prove environmentally advantageous and should be issued quickly. PASSED 80-28
264 6/24/2020 SB 686 Passage Yes State employees should be able to discuss concerns with legislators about their respective department or other related issues freely without fear of disciplinary actions. This was an issue last year with some state employees being told they were not allowed to communicate with legislators. PASSED 108-0
263 6/24/2020 SB 173 Passage Yes These practices encourage corruption. Local governments should not give a special sweetheart deal to one towing company and this bill helps prevent that from happening. PASSED 108-0
262 6/24/2020 SB 942 Passage Yes This bill gives bars, restaurants, and other food-selling establishments the ability to purchase liquor from an off-premise licensee at a cheaper price to keep up with demand. PASSED 107-0
260, 261, 269 6/24/2020 SB 248, SB 254, HB 4127 Concurrence No Government should not dictate the type of system a doctor should utilize in their own private practice. Most doctors are already emailing prescriptions without a government mandate. Even though I certainly would like prescriptions to be e-mailed, it is best to let that happen through the free market and not by government mandate. All three bills PASSED 105-3
259 6/23/2020 SB 963 Passage Yes This extension will allow the legislature the time to properly predict the effect the COVID-19 shutdown had on revenue. PASSED 105-0
258 6/23/2020 HB 5400 Concurrence Yes This was a technical change to address changes made by another bill. PASSED 102-1
257 6/23/2020 HB 5315 Concurrence Yes This is just allowing a restaurant to sell alcohol. PASSED 103-2
256 6/23/2020 HB 4389 Concurrence Yes The original bill included onerous regulations and costs and I vote against it. The Senate amended the bill heavily to make this something that was more workable. PASSED 105-0
255 6/18/2020 HB 5482 Passage Yes Suicide rates continue to rise among teens and young adults year after year. I am generally opposed to mandates on schools but this is just a recommendation and it makes sense to have this info readily available. PASSED 106-0
254 6/18/2020 HB 5827 Passage Yes Current law requires a dental therapist to receive their education in Michigan. This restricts the ability of Michigan to attract good medical worker from other states. PASSED 105-1
253 6/18/2020 HB 5811 Passage Yes There isn’t much difference between purchasing alcohol at a store or at a restaurant. This bill would increase potential revenue for restaurants and offer a new service that is already established in stores. PASSED 104-1
251, 252 6/18/2020 HB 5761, HB 5810 Passage Yes Many people lost their jobs or were laid off due to COVID-19 which resulted in financial hardships. This bill allows them time to get back on their feet before having to worry about property taxes. Both bills PASSED 106-0
250 6/18/2020 HCR 24 Passage Yes The public has the right to access accurate COVID-19 data, including test results and case/death numbers.
PASSED 69-37
249 6/18/2020 HR 276 Passage Yes Over 1900 COVID-19 related deaths in Michigan have been in nursing homes, and this high number can be attributed to the Governor’s policies that place recovering COVID-19 patients among the elderly and most vulnerable. Many of these nursing homes don’t even have sufficient personal protection equipment to combat the spread of the pandemic. The Governor should not be sending recovering COVID-19 patients to places that expose them to the most vulnerable and are without proper equipment to combat the disease.
PASSED 71-32
248 6/17/2020 HB 5781 Passage Yes Because beer and wine to-go are already allowed by restaurants, allowing for social districts would give restaurants an opportunity to financially recover from COVID-19 through higher demand with more potential areas to consume alcohol. PASSED 107-0
247 6/17/2020 HB 4449 Concurrence No Insurance companies should be free to offer this as an option and consumers should be allowed to make that choice for themselves. PASSED 106-2
245 6/17/2020 HB 5843 Passage Yes There is money that has been put into this fund and this bill was necessary for the department to spend it.  PASSED 107-1
244, 246 6/17/2020 HB 5195, HB 5313 Concurrence Yes Currently, the cost to transfer registration to a different vehicle is a flat rate of $8 plus the value difference in the vehicle that the registration is being transferred to. This can get complicated and while you are required to pay more for a higher valued vehicle, there is no refund issued if you transfer to a vehicle of a lesser value. Therefore, a flat rate of $10 for a registration transfer to a higher valued vehicle and a $5 flat rate for transfer to a lower valued vehicle makes sense. Both bills PASSED respectively 108-0 & 81-26
243 6/17/2020 HB 5141 Concurrence Yes Because of the passage of Proposal 3, no reason absentee voting is now allowed. This will result in an increased amount of absentee ballots, which many clerks will not have time to accurately and efficiently count. This bill will allow local clerks to work together to count AV ballots in a timely manner with better accuracy. PASSED 107-1
242 6/17/2020 SB 690 Passage Yes This is money the Governor could already spend without legislative approval. Although I am not a fan of every line-item in this budget, it does place some good restrictions to ensure it is not wasted. If we left it to the Governor, there would likely be more wasteful spending. PASSED 108-0
241 6/17/2020 HR 277 Passage Yes I voted YES on HR 277 (Rep. Berman) A resolution to discourage local governments from reducing funding or abolishing police departments. EXPLANATION: Law enforcement plays an important role in safeguarding our liberties. The movement to defund and abolish police departments is a dangerous idea that puts our communities in danger. PASSED 79-29
240 6/10/2020 SB 940 Passage Yes Because of the Governor’s executive order in March to limit all nonessential activities such as construction, many homes that were close to completion were not permitted to be worked on. This delayed occupancy and didn’t allow some homeowners eligibility to receive the PRE property exemption for the summer tax levy by the deadline of June 1. It is only fair that this deadline is extended to allow for those homes that were close to completion to qualify for the exemption. PASSED 108-0
233-239 6/10/2020 HB 5137, 5138, 5299, 5627, 5657, 5658 Passage Yes This better aligns penalties for controlled substance abuse and allows for probation. Bills PASSED respectively 105-3, 105-3, 105-3, 105-3, 104-4, 108-0
230,231,232 6/10/2020 HB 5541, SB 278, SB 279 Passage Yes These bills will help prevent difficulties and misunderstandings between law enforcement and those who have a communication disability. By allowing state IDs to display this information, law enforcement will be able to easily identify those with communication disabilities and work with them accordingly. Bills PASSED 108-0, 108-0, 108-0
229 6/3/2020 HB 5700 Passage Yes Currently, a spouse of a state employee cannot get a medical marijuana license. This is too broad of a restriction. PASSED 100-9
227,228 6/3/2020 HB 5339, HB 5340 Passage Yes There is no reason an owner of unclaimed property should have to jump through hoops to claim their property. Allowing a locator to assist in getting back this unclaimed property is an owner’s right if he/she so chooses to do. Both bills PASSED respectfully 83-26 & 82-27
225,226 6/3/2020 HB 5248, HB 5249 Passage Yes These bills allows for public release of redacted Children’s Ombudsman’s findings and recommendations. This creates more transparency and offers recommendations to handle current and future investigations. Both bills PASSED 109-0
224 6/3/2020 HB 4792 Passage Yes  It’s 2020 and it’s not necessary to have gas stations manned 24/7 when most people never go inside anyway. This puts us in line with many other states. PASSED 60-49
223 6/3/2020 SB 306 Passage No This allows taxes to be raised on residents in a business zone to subsidize those businesses. I am opposed to raising taxes. PASSED 91-18
222 6/3/2020 SB 172 Passage Yes If the privacy policy does not change, it is a waste of time, money, and resources to require disclosing those same policies by mail. One can always go online to see it as well.  PASSED 91-18
221 6/3/2020 HB 5481 Passage Yes There were multiple technical verbiage inconsistencies created when this act was rewritten in 2016. They need to be changed to avoid issues such as ineligibility for a developer to reclaim their environmental insurance costs. PASSED 109-0
220 6/3/2020 HB 4159 Passage Yes There were multiple technical verbiage inconsistencies created when this act was rewritten in 2016. They need to be changed to avoid issues such as ineligibility for a developer to reclaim their environmental insurance costs. PASSED 109-0
218, 219 5/27/2020 HB 5395, 5396 Passage Yes This is necessary for creating spending allocations for the fiscal year budget. Both bills PASSED 57-50
217 5/27/2020 HB 5253 Passage Yes This bill would allow for more legislative oversight on the operations of payday lenders to ensure that they are following the rules while also showing the complaints they have against them.  PASSED 98-9
216 5/27/2020 HB 5097 Passage Yes Payday lenders are currently limited to a $600 maximum loan for individuals with a short-term duration. This often times results in borrowers taking out numerous loans from multiple lenders with extremely high interest rates due to the short duration of the loans. However, this bill would allow lenders to offer a loan of up to $2500 and an increase the duration to 365 days. It would also cap the monthly fee at 11% and an internet fee to make sure that the borrower doesn’t already have two other outstanding loans. PASSED 58-49
215 5/27/2020 SB 350 Passage Yes Requiring annual approval of a resolution to collect delinquent taxes is excessive. PASSED 107-0
214 5/27/2020 HB 5541 Passage Yes This bill will prevent difficulties and misunderstandings between law enforcement and those who have a communication disability. By allowing state IDs to display this information, law enforcement will be able to easily identify those with communication disabilities and work with them accordingly. PASSED 107-0
212, 213 5/27/2020 HB 5217, HB 5218 Passage Yes Postsecondary institutions who receive state or federal funding shouldn’t be able to disallow student-athletes from utilizing their name, image, or likeness for compensation. Why should schools who rake in taxpayer money also be allowed to take monetary advantage of their student-athletes while those same students don’t get a single dime (outside of scholarships) in return? If schools can make up to hundreds of thousands if not millions on their student-athletes, they shouldn’t need taxpayer dollars. Both bills PASSED respectively 94-13 & 95-12
211 5/27/2020 SB 718 Passage Yes There has been a rise in drugged driving over the past few years, yet there is no objective measure or level of impairment allowable for drivers under the influence of drugs. This pilot program will keep Michigan streets safer and allow for better testing and data to identify drugged drivers and the effect the drugs may have on their driving. PASSED 77-30
210 5/27/2020 HB 5411 Passage Yes There is currently no state law prohibiting someone from impersonating a census taker for the purpose of gathering personal information. This is a common-sense law that protects the identities and information of Michigan residents. PASSED 106-1
206, 207, 208 5/19/2020 HB 4965,4966,4971 Passage Yes This allows local road agencies to spend funding on roads with the greatest need according the asset management plan. Currently, the state’s oversight is restrictive and does not always allow these agencies the flexibility to spend road funding on what is necessary. All three bills PASSED 101-4, 101-4, 105-0
205 5/19/2020 HB 5766 Passage Yes Many individuals and businesses have not yet received their property assessment because of the “stay home, stay safe” executive orders Governor Whitmer implemented. Extending the appeal date to August 31 only make sense for those who have not received their assessment yet. PASSED 105-0
204 5/19/2020 HB 5488 Passage Yes The trial courts have been funded by revenue from defendants paying certain court costs and without that revenue stream, wouldn’t be able to function. This bill allows additional time to address court funding with a permanent and fair solution that allows for a long-term functioning trial-court system. PASSED 101-4
209, 202, 203 5/19/2020 HB 5417, 5418, 5419 Passage Yes Although it is an extremely difficult decision for any parent to make, it is necessary to allow for them to make the decision to possibly prevent undergoing unnecessary trauma or futile resuscitation attempts for their child. All three bills PASSED 104-1, 103-2, 104-1
199,200 5/13/2020 HB 5368, 5369 Passage Yes There have been a rising number of rail line/transit incidents, however, because transit police officers do not have authority to handle many of these situations, local police must be called. Local police often have issues responding to serious incidents in a timely manner. This bill would allow transit police officers to handle these matters quickly, while also allowing local police departments to handle more serious, criminal issues. Both bills PASSED respectively 103-2 & 102-3
198 5/13/2020 HB 5416 Passage Yes Currently, telemedicine is not allowed to be utilized in a patient’s home. An expansion of what is considered an allowable originating site would further benefit individuals who can access a provider right at home. PASSED 105-0
197 5/13/2020 HB 5415 Passage Yes Healthcare professionals should be reimbursed for remote patient monitoring for Medicaid patients, as this is a necessary and vital part of their job. PASSED 105-0
196 5/13/2020 HB 5414 Passage Yes We shouldn’t limit those with mental health issues from utilizing telemedicine and the benefits that are derived from using it. Allowing those with practical needs to use telemedicine further optimizes the efficiency and convenience of it. PASSED 105-0
194,195 5/13/2020 HB 5412, 5413 Passage Yes Privacy protection is extremely important when it comes to healthcare and should be enforced similarly with telemedicine. Utilizing HIPPA compliant modes of communication, ensures patients security and privacy for their medical records. Allowing healthcare professionals to utilize store-and-forward online message gives them the ability to examine a patient’s medical records prior to a live interaction. This is more efficient than a healthcare professional wasting time during a live interaction examining records that could have been analyzed prior to the meeting. Both bills PASSED 105-0
193 4/30/2020 SB 858 Passage Yes By not extending the State of Emergency, the executive orders are no longer valid. It was important that we codified some executive orders that made sense so we could continue our response to COVID-19 while not extending the more problematic ones. PASSED 59-41
192 4/30/2020 HB 5709 Passage Yes Sending someone to jail is too extreme of a measure for violating an executive order. A civil fine is a more appropriate punishment. PASSED 62-38
191 4/29/2020 HB 5704 Passage Yes This is done with other highly contagious diseases and it makes sense to add COVID-19 to this list. PASSED 102-0
190 3/17/2020 HB 4729 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4729 (Rep. Hernandez) Appropriates an additional $125 million to address Coronavirus and necessary activities to combat the epidemic. EXPLANATION: This will help our state more effectively respond to the increased needs of our residents during this time.
189 3/17/2020 HB 4740 Concurrence Yes I voted YES on HB 4740 (Rep. Miller) Establishes the Dr. T. K. Lawless County Park in Cass County as a Dark Sky Preserve. EXPLANATION: It’s important to have places with no light pollution so we can enjoy the stars.
187 & 188 3/17/2020 HB 5401 & 5463 Concurrence Yes I voted YES on HB 5401 (Rep. Eisen) & 5463 (Rep. Lilly) Allows the DNR and local sheriffs to expedite No Wake Zone orders due to high water flooding, and to consider how long the order should be in effect. EXPLANATION: This should help prevent wakes from boats causing more damage in areas where the water level is extremely high.
Both bills PASSED 93-0
185 & 186 3/17/2020 HB 5576 & HB 5580 Concurrence No I voted NO on HB 5576 (Rep. Frederick) & HB 5580 (Rep. Anthony) Creates the Michigan Reconnect Grant Act for adults over the age of 25 to earn an associate degree or industry-recognized certificate tuition-free from eligible institutions. EXPLANATION: I am opposed to so-called “free college.” The more government subsidizes something, the higher the costs become.
Both bills PASSED 82-12 & 84-10 respectively
184 3/17/2020 HB 4125 Concurrence No I voted NO on HB 4125 (Rep. VanSingel) Requires that more General Fund dollars be spent on the Renew Michigan Fund. EXPLANATION: We shouldn’t bind the hands of future legislatures but instead give them discretion on how best to spend General Fund dollars.
PASSED 104-5
182 & 183 HB 5024 & HB 5025 Passage No I voted NO on HB 5024 (Rep. Sneller) & HB 5025 (Rep. Howell) Allows townships to tax their residents for mosquito abatement. EXPLANATION: Residents should pay to spray their own land and should not be able to force their neighbors to pay to spray their property.
Both bills PASSED 72-21 & 75-18
181 3/17/2020 HB 4313 Passage No I voted NO on HB 4313 (Rep. Howell) Creates a $25.00 pheasant hunting license. EXPLANATION: I am opposed to increasing fees on hunters. We should make it easier to hunt and not harder.
PASSED 78-15
180 3/17/2020 SB 268 Passage No I voted NO on SB 268 (Sen. Horn) Creates the Michigan Reconnect Grant Act for adults over the age of 25 to earn an associate degree or industry-recognized certificate tuition-free from eligible institutions. EXPLANATION: I am opposed to so-called “free college.” The more government subsidizes something, the higher the costs become.
PASSED 81-12
179 3/17/2020 HB 5397 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5397 (Rep. Hernandez) This is a procedural bill for budget purposes.
178 3/17/2020 SB 812 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 812 (Sen. Horn) Amends the Michigan Employment Security Act to prescribe how an individual conducts a search for work. EXPLANATION: This is a necessary change to bring UIA into compliance with federal standards.
177 3/17/2020 SB 754 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 754 (Sen. VanderWall) Restores a judgeship in the 79th District Court in Lake and Mason Counties. EXPLANATION: With a rising caseload, this will allow better access to justice and timely trials.
175 & 176 3/17/2020 SB 711 & SB 712 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 711 & SB 712 (Sen. Bumstead) Creates a new “limited production manufacturer” liquor license that allows an entity to purchase bulk alcohol if it is being utilized to manufacture another alcoholic product. EXPLANATION: This provides more options for alcohol manufacturers.
Both bills PASSED 92-1
174 3/17/2020 HB 5496 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5496 (Rep. Howell) Revises two definitions in the Solid Waste law to conform to the EPA Rule and allows coal ash landfills to continue operating consistent with state operating licenses and previous approvals. EXPLANATION: This is a technical clarification to allow coal ash landfills to continue operating.
172 & 173 3/17/2020 HB 4910 & HB 4911 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4910 (Rep. Hall) & HB 4911 (Rep. Cambensy) Creates the Misrepresentation of Emotional Support Animals Act to give property owners the ability to request verification from a medical professional that an animal is a support animal. EXPLANATION: This will help landlords deal with individuals who are taking advantage of the support animal designation to get around a no pet policy.
Both bills PASSED 59-33 & 67-26
171 3/17/2020 SB 125 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 125 (Sen. Barrett) clarifies that veterans who are on active duty are exempt from certain requirements of the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act. EXPLANATION: Currently, they must be on active duty specifically located outside of the U.S which is hard to verify. This simplifies the process.
170 3/17/2020 HB 4686 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4686 (Rep. Berman) Gives an individual that has voluntarily placed themselves on the Casino disassociated persons list the option of having their name taken off of the list. EXPLANATION: This can only happen after five years of being on the list so as to ensure these individuals don’t bounce on and off the list.
169 3/17/2020 HB 5437 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5437 (Rep. Sneller) Includes the Professional Golf Association Tour Champions Tournament for 2021-2025 in the list of events eligible to receive a special “national sporting event” liquor license. EXPLANATION: Allowing special liquor licenses for the PGA Tour Champions event at Warwick Hills in Grand Blanc is consistent with the issuance of such licenses for other past sporting events of national prominence.
167 & 168 3/17/2020 HB 5024 & HB 5025 REVOTE REVOTE REVOTE
166 3/17/2020 HB 4686 REVOTE REVOTE REVOTE
165 3/17/2020 HB 4313 REVOTE REVOTE REVOTE
163 & 164 3/17/2020 HB 5426 & HB 5427 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5426 (Rep. Hall) & HB 5427 (Rep. VanWoerkom) Updates the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps Act to allow for additional volunteers to be involved with the program as advisors and to limit its use in the private sector to just critical facilities. EXPLANATION: After seeing an audit of this program it became evident that changes were needed to ensure the goals of the program were met.
Both bills PASSED 91-0
162 3/12/2020 HB 5265 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5265 (Rep. Hernandez) This is a procedural bill for budget purposes.
PASSED 107-0
160 & 161 3/12/2020 HB 5576 & HB 5580 Passage No I voted NO on HB 5576 (Rep. Frederick) & HB 5580 (Rep. Anthony) Creates the Michigan Reconnect Grant Act for adults over the age of 25 to earn an associate degree or industry-recognized certificate tuition-free from eligible institutions. EXPLANATION: I am opposed to so-called “free college.” The more government subsidizes something, the higher the costs become.
Both bills PASSED 93-14 & 95-12 respectively
159 3/12/2020 SB 269 Passage No I voted NO on SB 269 (Sen. Geiss) Puts increased requirements on paid tax preparers. EXPLANATION: Government should not be interfering in the conduct of private businesses.
PASSED 104-3
158 3/12/2020 SB 415 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 415 (Sen. Nesbitt) Provides clarity in the Credit Card Arrangements Act. EXPLANATION: The act needs to be updated to allow companies to provide gas cards to employees for necessary expenses related to their employment.
PASSED 107-0
157 3/12/2020 HB 5286 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5286 (Rep. S. Johnson) Ensures that local municipalities do not enact knife ordinances that are stricter than state law. EXPLANATION: Currently, Michigan local ordinances regarding knives can vary by municipality, which can lead to a knife being legal in one area, and illegal in another. This can lead to confusion for law-abiding Michigan residents when travelling through the state.
PASSED 71-36
156 3/12/2020 HB 4587 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4587 (Rep. Sheppard) Allows limited late payment fees to be awarded in summary (eviction) proceedings. EXPLANATION: Michigan landlord-tenant law is silent on a maximum allowable fee for late rent. This legislation will clarify the allowance of late payment fees.
PASSED 80-27
155 3/12/2020 HB 4454 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4454 (Rep. C. Johnson) Provides penalties and increased civil fines for unlawful dumping of garbage. EXPLANATION: This will help curb the illegal dumping of garbage, which has become a growing problem within the city of Detroit and across Michigan.
PASSED 103-4
154 3/12/2020 HB 4332 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4332 (Rep. LaFave) Allows the use of pneumatic bows for disabled hunters. EXPLANATION: Pneumatic bows are easier to handle and use, particularly for those with physical limitations. This provides more options for hunters to enjoy Pure Michigan.
PASSED 70-37
153 3/12/2020 SB 543 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 543 (Sen. VanderWall) Allows liquor retail licensees to use alternative methods to satisfy the “diligent inquiry” requirement for verifying an individual’s age. EXPLANATION: The State should allow the option for business to use biometric identifiers, since they are utilized for security purposes and should be more than sufficient to verify that an individual is 21 years of age or older. This is not a mandate, but rather another option.
PASSED 100-7
152 3/12/2020 SB 151 Concurrence No I voted NO on SB 151 (Sen. Stamas) Supplemental budget. EXPLANATION: Wasteful spending on pork projects around the state. Very irresponsible.
PASSED 101-6
151 3/12/2020 HCR 17 Passage Yes I voted YES on HCR 17 (Rep. Sheppard) A concurrent resolution to urge the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services to appeal the federal court ruling invalidating the waiver for Michigan’s Medicaid work requirements, defend the waiver, and uphold its intended purpose of encouraging self-sufficiency. EXPLANATION: Able-bodied adults who receive welfare should be required to try to find work to continue receiving taxpayer-funded health care coverage.
PASSED 56-51
149 & 150 3/11/2020 HB 5502 & HB 5503 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5502 & HB 5503 (Rep. VanSingel) Ensures schools that install temporary locking barricades on doors for safety purposes are not in violation of the construction or fire code. EXPLANATION: This is just common-sense. Schools trying to protect kids shouldn’t have to worry about legal issues regarding the construction and fire code.
Both bills PASSED 106-0
148 3/10/2020 SB 151 Passage No I voted NO on SB 151 (Sen. Stamas) Supplemental budget. EXPLANATION: Wasteful spending on pork projects around the state. Very irresponsible.
147 3/10/2020 SB 373 Passage No I voted NO on SB 373 (Sen. Stamas) Supplemental school aid budget. EXPLANATION: This included a lot of pork spending on certain pet programs instead of using the money to pay off the school pension debt or increase per-pupil funding.
PASSED 101-4
146 3/10/2020 SB 762 Passage No I voted NO on SB 762 (Sen. Horn) Modifies the definition of “qualified city” for the purposes of police and fire protection in the City of Saginaw. EXPLANATION: This is a piece of legislation that does a carveout for the City of Saginaw so it can go around its voter-passed initiative to limit city spending and instead raise taxes on its citizens.
PASSED 91-14
144 & 145 3/10/2020 HB 5443 & HB 5444 Passage No I voted NO on HB 5443 (Rep. Crawford) & HB 5444 (Rep. Liberati) Creates the Kinship Caregiver Advisory Council and the Kinship Caregiver Navigator Program. EXPLANATION: This just creates another layer of government that sounds good but is unnecessary.
Both bills PASSED 98-7 & 99-6 respectively
143 3/10/2020 HB 5134 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5134 (Rep. VanWoerkom) Lowers the age to operate an amusement ride designed for children from 18 to 16 years old. EXPLANATION: We should be encouraging youth to get jobs and learn important life skills.
142 3/5/2020 HB 4030 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4030 (Rep. Allor) Allows the cost of a special assessment district for a private road to be shared fairly among landowners instead of by road frontage. EXPLANATION: These small private roads should be paid for equally by everyone living on them. The amount of road frontage an individual owns doesn’t indicate how much they use the road.
PASSED 105-0
140 & 141 3/4/2020 HB 5494 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5494 (Rep. Glenn) & HB 5495 (Rep. Sabo) Requires the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget to provide certain information for each information technology vendor contract or maintenance project exceeding $250,000. EXPLANZATION: This will help ensure projects are efficient and transparent.
Both bills PASSED 106-0
139 3/4/2020 HB 5493 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5493 (Rep. Whiteford) Requires the Enterprise Portfolio
Management Office to produce a quarterly report on all department and IT projects. EXPLANATION: This will provide more transparency to the Legislature and the people of the State of Michigan so we know when IT projects go over budget.
PASSED 106-0
138 3/4/2020 HB 5492 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5492 (Rep. Hammoud) Requires the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget (DTMB) to assume procurement, development, and maintenance of all information technology services of the Department of Health and Public Services. EXPLANATION: Centralizing the management of all IT services under DTMB will help ensure IT projects are more efficient and cost effective.
PASSED 106-0
137 3/4/2020 HB 5053 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5053 (Rep. Huizenga) Requires State IT contracts to include provisions that allow the State to get their money back if the vendor fails to meet the objectives. EXPLANATION: The state has had a number of IT fiascos and the contractors were able to still get paid even though they didn’t meet the requirements in the contract.
PASSED 106-0
136 3/4/2020 HB 5333 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5333 (Rep. Markkanen) Revises the allowable uses of funds in the Forest Development Fund. EXPLANATION: Money that goes to the Forest Development Fund should not be used for purposes other than their intended use and this legislation helps in that regard.
PASSED 106-0
165 3/4/2020 HB 5289 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5289 (Rep. Alexander) Removes the fee for a Michigan Certificate of Stillbirth. EXPLANATION: Families need this for tax purposes and it doesn’t make sense to charge them money in order to file taxes properly.
PASSED 100-6
134 3/4/2020 SB 253 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 253 (Sen. Lucido) Prohibits a person from bringing a lawsuit against certain real estate agreements, promises, or contracts unless the agreement, promise, or contract was in writing and signed by the party in question. EXPLANATION: This should help reduce frivolous lawsuits in court.
PASSED 104-2
133 3/4/2020 HB 5479 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5479 (Rep. Glenn) Prohibits the use of taxpayer resources for firearm “buyback” programs. EXPLANATION: Governments should not be using taxpayer money to buy guys from citizens.
PASSED 58-49
131 & 132 3/3/2020 HB 5490 & HB 5491 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5490 & HB 5491 (Rep. Iden) Allows a court-appointed individual to operate a medical-marijuana facility or recreational marijuana facility that goes into receivership. EXPLANATION: Currently, laws related to medical and recreational marijuana have no statutory provisions allowing a court-appointed individual to operate a medical-marijuana facility or marijuana establishment in the case of a receivership or similar situation – this should fix that problem.
Both bills PASSED 107-1
130 3/3/2020 HB 5336 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5336 (Rep. Iden) Updates and clarifies the Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act to include personal property. EXPLANATION: This will help streamline and clarify receiverships involving commercial properties to ensure that personal property is included and not just real property.
PASSED 105-3
129 3/3/2020 HB 5421 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5421 (Rep. Filler) Allows a homeowner to conduct both audio and video security monitoring of a residence or other structures on residential property under certain circumstances. EXPLANATION: This legislation clarifies that the prohibition on recording a private conversation does not apply to lawful security monitoring conducted by a homeowner.
PASSED 106-2
128 2/26/2020 HB 4042 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4042 (Rep. Whiteford) Allows registered and licensed nurses in Michigan to be able to practice in other states that are members of the compact, and vice versa. EXPLANATION: Thirty-four states are members of the Nursing Licensure Compact, which reduces burdensome regulations and red tape.
PASSED 55-50
126 & 127 2/26/2020 HB 5197 & HB 5198 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5197 & HB 5198 (Rep. Maddock) Allows a municipality to reproduce in any electronic or digital file format a construction document that is or has been presented to a building official or department of that municipality if certain requirements are met. EXPLANATION: This will allow municipalities to save money on record storage.
All three bills PASSED 104-1
125 2/26/2020 HB 4476 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4476 (Rep. Eisen) Increases the limit on road projects that a county road commission can do themselves from $100,000 to $300,000. EXPLANATION: With the labor shortage we have, it makes sense to allow county road commissions to do more work in-house.
PASSED 105-0
122-124 2/25/2020 HB 5401 & HB 5402 & 5463 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5401 & HB 5402 (Rep. Eisen) & 5463 (Rep. Lilly) Allows the DNR and local sheriffs to expedite No Wake Zone orders due to high water flooding, and to consider how long the order should be in effect. EXPLANATION: This should help prevent wakes from boats causing more damage in areas where the water level is extremely high.
Both bills PASSED 107-0
117-121 2/25/2020 HB 5054-5058 Passage Yes I voted YES on a package of bills that creates an address confidentiality program for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, or stalking to apply to have an address designated by the Attorney General to serve as the victim’s address for receiving mail. EXPLANATION: This will help ensure those who have been a victim do not have their personal information unwittingly exposed to their abuser through governmental avenues.
HB 5054 (Rep. Farrington) PASSED 107-0
HB 5055 (Rep. Calley) PASSED 107-0
HB 5056 (Rep. Pagan) PASSED 107-0
HB 5057 (Rep. Rendon) PASSED 107-0
HB 5058 (Rep. Bolden) PASSED 107-0
109-116 2/25/2020 HB 4254-4260, 4265 Passage No I voted NO on a package of bills to increase penalties for abuse of a specific class of individuals – senior adults. EXPLANATION: Assault is always wrong, no matter who is assaulted. We should not treat certain classes of people differently. We should all be treated equally under the law as our constitution requires.
HB 4254 (Rep. Wozniak) PASSED 91-16
HB 4255 (Rep. Filler) PASSED 99-8
HB 4256 (Rep. Bolden) PASSED 100-7
HB 4257 (Rep. Crawford) 102-5
HB 4258 (Rep. Yancey) PASSED 101-6
HB 4259 (Rep. Guerra) PASSED 102-5
HB 4260 (Rep. Anthony) PASSED 102-5
HB 4265 (Rep. Farrington) PASSED 88-19
108 2/25/2020 HB 4740 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4740 (Rep. Miller) Establishes the Dr. T. K. Lawless County Park in Cass County as a Dark Sky Preserve. EXPLANATION: It’s important to have places with no light pollution so we can enjoy the stars.
PASSED 106-1
107 2/25/2020 HB 4508 Passage No I voted NO on HB 4508 (Rep. Webber) Creates a specific law to regulate travel insurance. EXPLANATION: We don’t need more regulation.
PASSED 105-2
104-106 2/25/2020 HB 4735 – HB 4737 Passage No I voted NO on HB 4735 (Rep. VanSingel), HB 4736 (Rep. Cherry) & HB 4737 (Rep. Love) Allows the DNR to require someone filing a FOIA for specific tracking information on any species to sign a waiver to pledge they will not use the data for hunting purposes. EXPLANATION: If a hunter is willing to go through the effort of filling out a FOIA to see DNR studies of animal populations in certain areas that were funded with his taxes, I say more power to him and good luck on your hunt.
All three bills PASSED 87-20, 85-22 & 85-22 respectively
103 2/25/2020 HR 227 Passage Yes I voted YES on HR 227 (Rep. Eisen) A resolution to reaffirm the right of Michigan residents to keep and bear arms under the Constitution of the State of Michigan of 1963 and the Constitution of the United States. EXPLANATION: I support the Second Amendments of the United States and the state of Michigan.
PASSED 75-32
100-102 2/20/2020 HB 5353, HB 5354 & HB 5355 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5353, HB 5354 & HB 5355 (Rep. Cambensy) Eliminates redundant registration requirements for micro brewers. EXPLANATION: This helps cut red tape for the micro brewer industry.
All three bills PASSED 103-1
99 2/20/2020 HB 5352 Passage No I voted NO on HB 5352 (Rep. Filler) Puts limits on when a distribution contract can be canceled. EXPLANATION: This should be left to the companies to decide this in their contracts.
98 2/20/2020 HB 5352 REVOTE REVOTE REVOTE
97 2/20/2020 HB 5351 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5351 (Rep. Filler) Creates a new definition of “successor to a supplier.” EXPLANATION: This a technical update to implement companion bills.
PASSED 102-2
95 & 96 2/20/2020 HB 5349 & HB 5350 Passage No I voted NO on HB 5349 & HB 5350 (Rep. Hall) Requires a manufacturer to use the same distributor when they get bought out by another manufacturer or acquire another product. EXPLANATION: This should be left to the companies to decide this in their contracts.
Both bills PASSED 98-6
94 2/20/2020 HB 5348 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5348 (Rep. Garza) Updates a reference to the Cooperative Advertising law. EXPLANATION: This is a technical change.
PASSED 104-0
93 2/20/2020 HB 5347 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5347 (Rep. Garza) Gives more flexibility to organizations hosting beer festivals. EXPLANATION: This streamlines the event timeline process so you only need to obtain one permit.
PASSED 103-1
91 & 92 2/20/2020 HB 5345 & HB 5346 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5345 & HB 5346 (Rep. Wentworth) Changes how frequently that brewers, wineries, and distributors are required to pay their taxes to the state. EXPLANATION: Changes deadlines from monthly to quarterly.
Both bills PASSED 104-0
90 2/20/2020 HB 5400 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5400 (Rep. Garza) Updates definition of a “micro brewer.” EXPLANATION: This is an update to reflect changes made in other bills in this package.
PASSED 103-1
88 2/20/2020 HB 5343 Passage No I voted NO on HB 5343 (Rep. Wendzel) Allows micro brewers to self-distribute more of their products. EXPLANATION: Although I am very supportive of the overall bill package, this bill includes a legislative finding that the 3-tier system is necessary. I am adamantly opposed to the 3-tier system and cannot support legislation with language that says we support it.
PASSED 100-4
86, 87, 89 2/20/2020 HBs 5341, HB 5342 & HB 5344 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5341, HB 5342 & HB 5344 (Rep. Wendzel) Allows micro-brewers to self-distribute more of their products. EXPLANATION: These bills provide more freedom for micro-brewers.
All three bills PASSED 104-0, 104-0 & 103-1 respectively
85 2/20/2020 HB 5043 Concurrence Yes I voted YES on HB 5043 (Rep. Vaupel) Allows mediation to occur before an investigation when dealing with community mental health agencies. EXPLANATION: This allows for more effective dispute resolution.
PASSED 106-0
84 2/20/2020 HB 4689 Concurrence Yes I voted YES on HB 4689 (Rep. VanSingel) Allows for door barricades to be used in schools. EXPLANATION: This gives more options to protect students in case of an emergency such as an active shooter situation.
PASSED 106-0
83 2/20/2020  HB 4152 Concurrence Yes I voted YES on HB 4152 (Rep. Steven Johnson) Ensures that individuals are charged the same amount to receive a copy of their birth records regardless of the marital status of their parents. EXPLANATION: The State of Michigan made a mistake decades ago that left people born to unmarried parents before October 1, 1978 with unequal treatment when requesting birth records. We can’t put a price tag on ending discrimination.
PASSED 106-0
78-82 2/19/2020 HB 4680, HBs 4681-4684 Passage No I voted NO on HB 4680 (Rep. Jones), HB 4681 (Rep. Tate), HB 4682 (Rep. Sabo), HB 4683 (Rep. Howell) & HB 4684 (Rep. Vaupel) Eliminates license plate service fees for various veteran and military license plates. EXPLANATION: The service fee is the amount it actually costs to make the license plate. When this is exempted, someone else has to subsidize that cost. It would also be self-serving for me to support these as I would qualify for an exemption due to my service in the Air Force.
All five bills PASSED 106-2
77 2/19/2020 HB 5194 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5194 (Rep. Markkanen) Changes the definition of “automobile or light truck.” EXPLANATION: This provides clarity in the law so it is no longer necessary for mechanics to have an additional certification to work on vehicles between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds.
PASSED 108-0
76 2/19/2020 HB 4396 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4396 (Rep. Wittenberg) Repeals an outdated section of law that outlined penalties for an individual who leaves a building on a road that interferes with the flow of traffic. EXPLANATION: Outdated and unused laws should be repealed.
PASSED 108-0
75 2/19/2020 HB 5141 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5141 (Rep. Calley) Allows voting jurisdictions to pool resources to create absent voter counting boards to count AV ballots. EXPLANATION: This will help ensure AV ballots are counted in a timely fashion.
PASSED 106-2
73 & 74 2/19/2020 HB 5148 & HB 5149 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5148 (Rep. Carter) & HB 5149 (Rep. Wozniak) Technical fix to allow attorneys to advertise and provide legal services to adoptive and biological parents who are involved in court-supervised adoptions in certain circumstances. EXPLANATION: This is correcting an inadvertent mistake from a 2016 law.
Both bills PASSED 108-0
71 & 72 2/19/2020 SBs 29 & SB 30 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 29 & SB 30 (Sen. Lucido) Provides enhanced penalties for second or subsequent convictions for third and fourth degree child abuse. EXPLANATION: Currently, second or subsequent convictions for second degree child abuse carry enhanced penalties, but there are no such enhanced penalties for third or fourth degree child abuse. This bill makes the penalties for third and fourth degree more consistent with the penalties for second degree.
PASSED 95-13 & 95-13 respectively
70 2/19/2020 SB 693 Passage No I voted NO on SB 693 (Sen. Lauwers) Updates the Agriculture Disaster Loan Origination Program. EXPLANATION: The state should not be subsidizing lending costs for growers, processors, and other agri-businesses. Let the free market work.
PASSED 102-2
69 2/19/2020 SB 118 Passage No I voted NO on SB 118 (Sen. Daley) Creates a “Blue Star Family” vehicle registration plate. EXPLANATION: There are already 29 different license plates offered by the Secretary of State. In my opinion we should get rid of all the different types of license plates and just have one standard plate for everyone.
PASSED 106-2
67 & 68 2/19/2020 HB 4923 HB 4924 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4923 (Rep. Lilly) & HB 4924 (Rep. Anthony) Prohibits knowingly and intentionally manufacturing, selling, distributing, or installing a counterfeit airbag. EXPLANATION: Counterfeit airbags are becoming a growing problem in the automobile industry.
Both bills PASSED 106-2
66 2/18/2020 HB 4689 REVOTE REVOTE REVOTE
65 2/18/2020 HB 4152 REVOTE REVOTE REVOTE
64 2/18/2020 HB 5164 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5164 (Rep. Lilly) Extends the inspections timeframe for boiler systems from two years to three years. EXPLANATION: This updates state requirements to match industry standards.
63 2/18/2020 HB 5015 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5015 (Rep. Berman) Requires the Department of Technology, Management and Budget to list salary and benefit information of state employees on the internet. EXPLANATION: This provides more transparency to state government.
PASSED 104-3
62 2/18/2020 HB 4831 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4831 (Rep. Lightner) Requires the Department of Technology, Management and Budget to approve in writing another agency’s decision to exercise an option to extend a contract. EXPLANATION: This will provide more oversight and transparency to state government agency contracts.
PASSED 106-1
60 2/18/2020 HB 5315 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5315 (Rep. Cambensy) Grants a license to serve alcohol on certain premises of Northern Michigan University. EXPLANATION: An existing liquor license would be transferred to a restaurant on the campus of Northern Michigan University.
PASSED 104-3
59 & 61 2/18/2020 HB 4551 & HB 4552 Passage No I voted NO on HB 4551 & HB 4552 (Rep. LaFave) Creates an exemption for disabled veterans from paying for a recreation passport and allows for them to park in a handicapped space without a placard. EXPLANATION: Although well intentioned, these bills have some unintended consequences. This would allow parking in a handicap spot for veterans without them having to have a handicapped placard or special disabled veteran license plate. We want to ensure only disabled individuals park in these spots and this will cause confusion as to whether or not someone is really eligible to park there.
PASSED 105-2
57 & 58 2/18/2020 HB 4274 & HB 4275 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4274 (Rep. Marino) & HB 4275 (Rep. Albert) Allows the Michigan Office of Retirement Services to offer an annuity option to public school and state employees. EXPLANATION: This gives state employees another option for retirement planning.
Both bills PASSED 58-49 & 59-48 respectively
56 2/18/2020 SB 68 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 68 (Sen. Wojno) Clarifies that a person who wants to make a compensation claim for wrongful imprisonment has 18 months from the date of the original act, not 6 months. EXPLANATION: This is a clarification to a law passed by the Legislature in 2016.
PASSED 107-0
55 2/18/2020 HB 5124 Concurrence Yes I voted YES on HB 5124 (Rep. Byrd) Gives flexibility to forgive unpaid property taxes when local governments are dealing with delinquent taxes on foreclosed homes. EXPLANATION: This will help keep low-income homeowners in their homes.
PASSED 105-2
53 & 54 2/18/2020 HB 5117 & HB 5118 Concurrence Yes I voted YES on HB 5117 (Rep. Bolden) & HB 5118 (Rep. Calley) Extends the deadline for wrongfully convicted prisoners to claim compensation under the Wrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act. EXPLANATION: Extends the ability from 6 months to 18 months for an exoneree to make a claim.
Both bills PASSED 107-0
50-52 2/6/2020 HB 4567-HB 4569 Passage No I voted NO on HB 4567 (Rep. O’Malley), HB 4568 (Rep. Wendzel) & HB 4569 (Rep. Lilly) Increases regulations and costs on commercial fishing. EXPLANATION: This will likely put some smaller commercial fishing operations out of business.
All three bills PASSED 72-32, 73-31 & 73-31
47-49 2/6/2020 HB 5159-HB 5161 Passage No I voted NO on HB 5159 (Rep. Hammoud), HB 5160 (Rep. Liberati) & HB 5161 (Rep. Bellino) Prohibits marihuana processors, retailers, and vapor retailers from selling products that contain Vitamin E Acetate. EXPLANATION: This bill won’t actually solve the problem of vaping deaths. Vitamin E Acetate is the likely culprit in these deaths but these regulated shops have already self-regulated themselves and don’t use it. Vitamin E-Acetate is being used in the black market and homemade products. This bill doesn’t address those issues.
All three bills PASSED 102-2
42-46 2/5/2020 HBs 4926-4930 Passage No/Yes These bills made a number of changes to the Local Community Stabilization Fund. EXPLANATION: These bills reward bad behavior in my opinion, except for House Bill 4927 which is just a technical fix.
I voted NO on HB 4926 (Rep. Afendoulis) PASSED 96-9
I voted YES on HB 4927 (Rep. Vaupel) PASSED 105-0
I voted NO on HB 4928 (Rep. Webber) PASSED 96-9
I voted NO on HB 4929 (Rep. Yancey) PASSED 91-14
I voted NO on HB 4930 (Rep. Whitsett) PASSED 93-12
41 2/4/2020 HB 4577 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4577 (Rep. Frederick) Designate a portion of M-52 as the “Michigan Desert Storm Veterans Memorial Highway.” EXPLANATION: No state funds go towards this project.
PASSED 104-0
39 & 40 2/4/2020 HB 4126 & HB 4127 Concurrence No I voted NO on HB 4126 (Rep. Albert) & HB 4127 (Rep. Rendon) Requires Marihuana to include health warnings for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. EXPLANATION: This is unnecessary. These warning labels are unlikely to change behavior and instead only increase the regulatory burden on people.
Both bills PASSED 100-4
37 & 38 1/23/2020 HB 5187 & HB 5188 Passage No I voted NO on HB 5187 (Rep. Warren) & HB 5188 (Rep. Huizenga) This is a followup bill to the Switch Data Center bill that allows for implementation of the changes. EXPLANATION: Taxes should be cut across the board and not tailored to benefit certain companies or industries. We shouldn’t be playing shell games with taxpayer money.
Both bills PASSED 95-12 & 96-11 respectively
35 & 36 1/23/2020 SB 650 & SB 651 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 650 (Sen. Theis) & SB 651 (Sen. Moss) Makes permanent the program that allows a teacher who is employed or contracted by an education management organization to be the teacher in a district that operates a dropout recovery program. EXPLANATION: This is a technical fix to ensure students who have dropped out of school can receive help from these education management organizations.
Both bills PASSED 103-4 & 104-3 respectively
33 & 34 1/23/2020 HB 5195 & HB 5313 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5195 & HB 5313 (Rep. Sheppard) Changes the fees on transferring a license plate from $8 plus the difference between the cars in registration fees to a flat $15. EXPLANATION: This was a complicated vote because some people will see an increase in price while others see a decrease. Since this simplified things and more people will see a decrease I voted in favor.
Both bills PASSED 107-0
32 1/22/2020 HB 5266 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5266 (Rep. Cole) Guidelines for electric cooperatives to follow when negotiating pole equipment. EXPLANATION: This will help provide further rate clarity for providers and customers.
PASSED 105-1
31 1/22/2020 HB 4266 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4266 (Rep. Cole) Gives more options to electric providers to expand broadband services. EXPLANATION: This gives more options for broadband access while providing protection for landowners.
PASSED 105-1
29 & 30 1/22/2020 HB 5002 & HB 5003 Passage No I voted NO on HB 5002 (Rep. Howell) & HB 5003 (Rep. Brixie) Reinstates a voluntary youth fishing license. EXPLANATION: This is unnecessary government.
PASSED 101-5 & 98-8 respectively
28 1/22/2020 HB 4335 Concurrence Yes I voted YES on HB 4335 (Rep. Yaroch) Allows students to use instructional hours that are similar in nature to count towards both cosmetology and barber licensing requirements. EXPLANATION: There is no need for someone to take identical classes for two licenses.
PASSED 109-0
27 1/21/2020 HB 5263 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5263 (Rep. Miller) Phases out the Michigan Lifeline Program. EXPLANATION: The federal government is phasing out the Lifeline Program for landline phones, and this simply aligns state law with federal law.
PASSED 79-28
25 & 26 1/21/2020 HB 5146 & HB 5147 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5146 (Rep. Farrington) & HB 5147 (Rep. Gay-Dagnogo) Allows mortgage loan originators to get paid while they have their temporary license. EXPLANATION: This will help licensees to move to new employment opportunities without losing license status.
Both bills PASSED 107-0
24 1/21/2020 SB 588 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 588 (Sen. Moss) Allows for discounts and refunds for spirits sold by specially designated distributors. EXPLANATION: Licensees would be allowed to return any unopened bottles of spirits to the distributor.
PASSED 106-0
23 1/16/2020 HB 4245 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4245 (Rep. Hernandez) Year-end budget supplemental. EXPLANATION: This closes out the fiscal year 2019.
PASSED 106-0
22 1/16/2020 HB 4291 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4291 (Rep. Calley) Changes the reporting dates for the pre-election and post-election campaign finance statements for candidate committees and ballot question committees. EXPLANATION: These changes simplify the dates by combining them with other similar dates to decrease confusion and red tape.
PASSED 100-6
21 1/16/2020 HB 4816 Passage No I voted NO on HB 4816 (Rep. Iden) Creates the Regional Event Center Financing Act. EXPLANATION: This is a new hotel tax, and since I am opposed to increased taxes, I am opposed to this concept.
PASSED 80-26
15-20 1/16/2020 HBs 4704-4709 Passage Yes I voted YES on changes to the Child Protection Law in response to the Children’s
Protective Services Performance Audit released in September 2018 by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG). EXPLANATION: The audit of CPS had several action items that need to be corrected in Michigan law to help make investigations begin in a timely and proper fashion, help ensure accurate record-keeping, and ensure caseworks are receiving proper oversight and direction in the course of their work. It is imperative that we do everything we can to stop child abuse and these changes are a big step in that direction.

HB 4704 (Rep. Crawford) PASSED 104-2
HB 4705 (Rep. Hall) PASSED 106-0
HB 4706 (Rep. Schroeder) PASSED 105-1
HB 4707 (Rep. Liberati) PASSED 106-0
HB 4708 (Rep. Meerman) PASSED 105-1
HB 4709 (Rep. LaGrand) PASSED 103-3

14 1/14/2020 HB 4832 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4832 (Rep. Lightner) Designates a portion of I-94 as the “Deputy Gate Keeper George W. Haight Memorial Highway.” EXPLANATION: No state funds go towards this project.
PASSED 107-1
13 1/14/2020 HB 4020 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 4020 (Rep. Hoitenga) Allows stun devices to be available for sale, possession, and reasonable use to individuals 18 years of age or older. EXPLANATION: This provides another way for individuals to protect themselves.
PASSED 84-24
12 1/14/2020 HB 4051 Concurrence No I voted NO on HB 4051 (Rep. Whiteford) Creates the Michigan C.A.R.E.S. (Community, Access, Resources, Education, and Safety) hotline. EXPLANATION: There are already hotlines that perform these functions and are run by non-profits. This is unnecessary and costs the state a potential additional $6 million.
PASSED 101-7
11 1/8/2020 SB 527 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 527 (Sen. Victory) Names Beacon Boulevard in Grand Haven as the “Officer Scott Flahive Memorial Highway.” EXPLANATION: No state funds go toward this project.
PASSED 107-0
6-10 1/8/2020 SBs 466-469 & SB 539 Passage Yes I voted YES on changes to the qualified residential treatment program for foster children. EXPLANATION: These changes allow the Department of Health and Human Services to make a variance to foster care home rules if the child in question is better served at a house they already have a preexisting relationship with or the household is trained to deal with special issues such as a disability.

I voted YES on SB 466 (Sen. Bizon) PASSED 107-0
I voted YES on SB 467 (Sen. Bullock) PASSED 107-0
I voted YES on SB 468 (Sen. Bizon) PASSED 107-0
I voted YES on SB 469 (Sen. Bullock) PASSED 107-0
I voted YES on SB 539 (Sen. Bizon) PASSED 107-0

5 1/8/2020 SB 434 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 434 (Sen. Nesbitt) Allows licensed cosmetologists to provide mobile services instead of being tied to a physical location. EXPLANATION: This provides more options for licensed cosmetologists in Michigan to conduct business.
PASSED 102-5
4 1/8/2020 SB 184 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 184 (Sen. VanderWall) Gives more flexibility for setting continuing education requirements for athletic trainers. EXPLANATION: This should allow for more common sense when determining requirements for athletic trainers.
PASSED 105-2
3 1/8/2020 SB 309 Passage Yes I voted YES on SB 309 (Sen. Zorn) Reduces fees for commercial tow trucks. EXPLANATION: Tow truck drivers currently pay the $100 commercial vehicle fee to the state to be able to operate. This bill reduces the fee for commercial tow trucks to $50 which aligns with other commercial carriers.
PASSED 105-2
2 1/8/2020 HB 4309 Concurrence No I voted NO on HB 4309 (Rep. Webber) Clarifies sentencing guidelines for online gaming violations. EXPLANATION: Currently, online gambling is illegal in Michigan. In 2004, Michigan voters amended the Constitution to require that any future expansion of gaming had to be voted on by the people. While I would be in favor of removing government limitations and letting the free market do its work, this is an expansion of gaming that I believe constitutionally should be voted on by the voters in Michigan.
PASSED 95-12
1 1/8/2020 HB 5008 Passage Yes I voted YES on HB 5008 (Rep. Lower) States that a jail does not have to post an exit map for its inmates to see in case of a fire. EXPLANATION: This is common sense that the jails shouldn’t be required to tell prisoners the best way to escape.
PASSED 71-36