Rep. Dr. John Bizon, M.D.; audio on start of 2016-2017 school year

Rep. Bizon talks about the start of the 2016-2017 school year and says Michigan public schools will benefit from funding increases and a continued focus on early childhood and career technical education.  Rep. Bizon adds he’s also working with the Michigan Department of Treasury to find solutions for Calhoun County schools.  

Rep. Dr. John Bizon, M.D., R-Battle Creek; audio on biosimilars legislation

Rep. Bizon, talks about his HB 4812, now pending in the full Michigan Senate,  which allows pharmacists in Michigan to dispense biosimilar medications in lieu of biologic agents, something Rep. Bizon says will reduce costs while fostering better communication between pharmacists, physicians and patients.  

Rep. Dr. John Bizon, M.D., R-Battle Creek; audio on dollars for Cancer Presumption Fund

Rep. Bizon talks about how the final version of the state’s 2017 budget that now goes to the Governor includes his amendment providing $3 million to the previously un-funded First Responder Cancer Presumption Fund, which is primarily geared toward providing cancer coverage for firefighters.  The Fund was created in 2014 but until now, funding was…

Rep. John Bizon, M.D.; audio on standardized definition of “veteran”

Rep. John Bizon, M.D. talks about House passage Tuesday of an 18-bill package, including two of his own bills, that standardizes the definition of “veteran” in state law.  Currently, the term is defined in multiple ways and is at variance with Federal code.  Rep. Bizon says passage of the legislation means less red tape for Michigan veterans….