Rep. Webber: Consumers prefer convenience when purchasing insurance plans

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The Michigan House, with bipartisan support, this week approved state Rep. Michael Webber’s plan offering flexibility for consumer-friendly insurance packages.

Under Webber’s measure, House Bill 6432, employees of a health benefit company can bundle insurance products for the purpose of convenience to the customer.

“People prefer convenience and ‘one-stop shops’ when purchasing goods or services, and the same applies for insurance plans,” said Webber, of Rochester Hills. “Rather than fulfilling their needs through multiple sellers, Michigan families will have the opportunity to buy an insurance bundle through one vendor at one place.”

Current law regarding health benefit companies and what they are allowed to sell, which has remained unchanged since 1986, prohibits employees of health benefit companies to sell any other type of insurance.

“In over 30 years, there hasn’t been any updates in the law concerning health benefit agents,” said Webber, who serves on the House Insurance Committee. “It’s time we make some necessary changes to reflect the insurance markets today, as well as stimulate some competition among insurers to help drive down costs for Michiganders.”

HB 6432 now advances to the Senate for further consideration.