Rep. Victory applauds end to driver responsibility fees

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Outstanding debt will be forgiven under legislation


State Rep. Roger Victory today hailed the House vote to end punitive driver responsibility fees on Oct. 1 and forgive all debt associated with them.

Victory, of Hudsonville, said the fees were enacted by a previous administration to plug a hole in the budget caused by reckless spending of taxpayer dollars. The legislation establishing the fees was supposed to be used to improve the driving skills of those who paid them, but did nothing but erect financial barriers that kept families from success.

“These fees had nothing to do with improving driving skills, and that was apparent from enactment,” Victory said. “All these fees did was take money away from people, often in low-income homes, and put them in debt. As many were unable to independently travel to and from work, jobs were lost.”

Victory said the bills package passed by the House forgives outstanding debt after Oct. 1. The legislation also creates a grace period from enactment of the bill thorough Dec. 31 that enables them to get their driver’s licenses back without paying a $125 restoration fee. People on monthly payment plans will receive immediate forgiveness, and others may participate in workplace development training programs to regain their driver’s licenses prior to Oct. 1.

The bills now go to the governor for consideration.