Rep. VanSingel’s property rights bill approved by committee

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State Rep. Scott VanSingel’s legislation to streamline attorney requirements during the property management courtroom process in Michigan was approved by the House Law and Justice Committee today.

“It should not be a requirement that a small limited liability company (LLC) hire an attorney for all property management-oriented cases,” said VanSingel, of Grant. “We allow individuals an option to represent themselves in court, so we should extend that opportunity to an informed owner with two or three properties.”

Specifically, VanSingel’s legislation allows an LLC to be represented by the owner with direct knowledge of the property and facts of the case. The bill would have several requirements to waive the attorney requirement for such proceedings.

VanSingel was joined by Kevin Tucci, property manager at Peak Properties LLC in Big Rapids, in speaking before the committee on May 16.

“We have many small property owners in northwest Michigan who have been affected by regulation this bill is seeking to address,” VanSingel said. “We should allow those one-person LLCs the option to hire an attorney or not, instead of strictly requiring it for what could be a simple case of evicting a tenant for not paying rent. Let the property owners make that call themselves.”

House Bill 4463, VanSingel’s first bill of the 2017-18 session, advances to the House for its consideration.

State Rep. Scott VanSingel, of Grant, speaks before the House Law and Justice Committee on May 16.