Rep. VanSingel joins lawmakers in unveiling plan to move Michigan forward

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State Rep. Scott VanSingel of Grant joined fellow lawmakers today at the Capitol to unveil the 2017-2018 House Republican Action Plan, which is the guiding document for the upcoming legislative session.

“The Action Plan outlines the demand to strengthen agriculture and protect our natural resources so that we can ensure the second largest part of our state’s economy remains robust,” said Rep. VanSingel.

“Michigan residents and tourists cherish more than 3,000 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, tens of thousands of miles of rivers and streams, 11,000 inland lakes, abundant forests and natural habitats.”

“We should encourage our residents to utilize our lands and waterways for recreational and hunting purposes but finding that essential balance of preserving and protecting these resources will be critical to the future of Michigan’s economy.”

Rep. VanSingel also noted that expanding broadband internet access to rural areas is a critical item of the Action Plan that affects residents of Lake, Oceana and Newaygo counties.

“Many Michiganders still do not have access to broadband that offers the highest speeds, and thousands do not have access to any broadband at all.

“If we are to keep Michigan moving forward, it is imperative that we do not leave fellow Michiganders behind in the process. I look forward to supporting legislation that will offer fast and reliable Internet connection across the state map to every resident who wants it.”

Rep. VanSingel also believes that the protection of religious freedoms is one of the most important priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

“I am a strong believer in protecting the right to exercise religious beliefs and I am in favor of working to put Michigan at the forefront of this issue.”

The Action Plan for reform and responsible leadership during the new legislative session can be accessed at