Rep. VanSingel issues statement following ‘no’ vote on income tax

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State Rep. Scott VanSingel, of Grant, voted no on the income tax rollback legislation early this morning.

Rep. VanSingel issued the following statement:

“As a strong fiscal conservative, I understand the importance of lowering taxes for hard-working Michigan families, however, I voted against this tax repeal because it would have created a tremendous budget shortfall.

“We need to find a way to pay for an additional $1 billion in future budgets, mostly due to the road package passed in 2015, and I could not support adding another $1 billion shortfall to our budget.

“The state would be forced to make significant tax cuts to local and state services without a real, substantial backup plan.

“As an accountant, I have a strong background in budgeting and finance and I know the potential tax revenue we would lose without a backup plan in place, and for this reason I simply could not support this bill.

“Michigan is still in a period of economic recovery, and we are making significant progress paying down old debt, rebuilding financial reserves, and catching up on badly needed infrastructure improvements. We can, and should, revisit the tax relief issue, but at this time a cut of this magnitude would not be sound policy.”