Rep. VanderWall invites local pastor to lead House invocation

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Pastor Brian Ford from Living Word Church of Ludington gave the invocation before the Michigan House of Representatives at the state Capitol on Wednesday as the guest of Rep. Curt VanderWall. House tradition calls for a representative or clergy member to begin each session with a prayer.

“Pastor Ford gave an inspiring invocation at the start of the House session,” Rep. VanderWall said. “It was my pleasure to welcome him to the House of Representatives.  His words helped us approach the day’s work with focus and courage to do what is right as we tackle the issues facing our state.”

Pastor Ford, during his prayer from the speaker’s desk, stated: “So Lord, we come to you today because we believe you love this great state of Michigan and you have a great plan for us.”

PHOTO INFORMATION: Rep. VanderWall (right) is joined by Pastor Brian Ford (center) and Speaker Tom Leonard at the rostrum for Wednesday’s invocation.