Rep. Sheppard lends a hand to local Habitat for Humanity project

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Rep. Sheppard helps construct a Monroe County Habitat for Humanity home.

As a real estate agent and homeowner, State Rep. Jason Sheppard knows a thing or two about the importance of a well-built house.

To start with, you have to think of a home as more than property. Whether you’re owning or renting, the craftsmanship and upkeep of your dwelling isn’t just about having obtained a certain quality of life, but about giving families the best possible future. Programs like Habitat for Humanity understand this. The organization’s goal is as direct as it is meaningful: Decent housing for all. Since its official beginnings in 1976, Habitat has worked to provide affordable housing to families in our country and across the globe through missions or local affiliates.

Active since 1995, Habitat of Monroe is one such affiliate in which people can get involved and volunteer. Habitat of Monroe has built or rehabilitated 90 homes in Monroe County, engaging more than 2,000 volunteers across the seasons. The year-long build schedule provides flexibility for individuals and groups of volunteers.

Volunteers help pitch in to complete the project.

Most projects are worked on by several sponsors and dozens of hands. With funding from individual contributions, churches, foundations, corporations, grant funding and more, Habitat of Monroe relies on the generosity of the community and the work of eager volunteers, like Rep. Sheppard.

This month, Rep. Sheppard had the privilege of helping to build Habitat of Monroe’s 82nd house alongside his wife, friends, and members of the community. While on site, the legislator helped put up vinyl siding and construct the back porch. Rep. Sheppard said the build not only served to help a family, but to encourage the bonds of community.

“I’d encourage everyone to volunteer,” Rep. Sheppard said. “Monroe County is home to some of the most generous, charitable people in the state and when we come together for a common goal, we truly shine. This is true of communities across Michigan. When we put fellowship first, we find not only a common identity, but mutual success.”

When leaders contribute, it helps to spur interest in charitable works and other positive causes. As we round out another year, House Republicans encourage you to look into areas of need in your community.