Rep. Sheppard introduces plan to help decrease car insurance costs

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State Rep. Jason Sheppard of Temperance today introduced legislation to help drivers and families financially saddled by Michigan’s exorbitant automobile insurance rates.

“Michigan residents deserve to have choices when it comes to automobile insurance so they have the opportunity to lower costs for their families,” Sheppard said. “When we’re dictated what the level of coverage is instead of given a marketplace of varying rates and options, that is a problem which must be addressed.”

Sheppard’s legislation will allow consumers to choose a level of coverage, up to the current standard of unlimited coverage, and create a fraud authority to address unlicensed drivers and other illegal behavior.

One of the key reasons for the high cost of Michigan auto insurance is a mandate that forces drivers to purchase unlimited lifetime medical benefits, the most generous benefits in the country.

Sheppard’s bill makes reforms aimed at decreasing insurance rates for the state as a whole and for Michigan families.

“My constituents and residents across the state have made it clear that reforming Michigan’s auto insurance system is a priority to them,” Sheppard said. “Since I came to Lansing, I’ve made it my priority to work on this. We need to have automobile insurance on the same level as health and home benefit plans, where we have options for coverage. Let the consumers choose what is best for themselves and their families.”

House Bill 4488 has been assigned to the House Insurance Committee for consideration.