Rep. Runestad recognizes local Girl Scout at state Capitol

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State Rep. Jim Runestad welcomed Girl Scout leader Haley Whitmore of White Lake to the House floor on Wednesday. Whitmore successfully developed a suicide prevention program that reached over 9,000 students in the Huron Valley School District for her Girl Scouts community project.

Rep. Runestad was joined by Whitmore’s family and Lakeland High School activities director, Scott Rolando.

“I’m honored to welcome Haley, her family and Scott Rolando to the Capitol today for her tremendous work in suicide prevention,” Rep. Runestad said. “Haley, in addition to the entire Girl Scouts organization, continuously better communities with incredible projects and initiatives.”

PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Jim Runestad welcomed Haley Whitmore, of White Lake to the Capitol on Wednesday. Whitmore was recognized on the House floor for her Girl Scouts service project on suicide prevention. Haley was joined by her mother, Kristen Rowell.