Rep. Poleski comments on Supreme Court Ruling on prevailing wage

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State Rep. Earl Poleski issued the following statement after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in Associated Builders and Contractors v. City of Lansing that the Michigan Constitution did not prohibit the City of Lansing from adopting a prevailing wage ordinance prior to the Legislature’s recent enactment of  the Local Government Labor Regulatory Limitation Act (PA 105 of 2015):


“Both the Legislature and local governments have the authority to enact wage restrictions, however the Legislature’s authority is superior. This means that the Michigan Legislature continues to have the ability to preempt the authority of municipalities regarding wage restrictions, as stated in House Bill 4052 (now Public Act 105 of 2015) which I sponsored. This law will continue to govern new local wage regulation, however, local wage ordinances established prior to, December 31, 2014, when the state law was adopted, are still valid.

“Prohibiting local wage ordinances is common sense. It’s about making sure local businesses have consistent regulations across municipal lines in regards to their employees’ compensation and benefits. When forced to comply with overlapping city, township and county laws, it becomes not only complicated, but also costly. This law makes it easier to create jobs in Michigan.”