Rep. Noble supports bills to protect underage sex crime victims in schools

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State Rep. Jeff Noble today voted in support of legislation to help local school districts better protect students who are underage victims of sex crimes.

The three-bill package, which Noble helped sponsor, requires schools to permanently expel students who are convicted of criminal sexual conduct against another pupil enrolled in the same school district; prohibits an expelled student from attending another public school in Michigan unless they go through a reinstatement process; and, if a personal protection order is ordered for the victim of sexual assaults, the offender would be prohibited from entering the victim’s school.

“All victims of criminal sexual conduct deserve protection,” said Noble, of Northville. “No teenage survivor should ever have to change schools to avoid being in the same classroom with their assailant. Unfortunately, Michigan did not provide the protection we expect for underage victims and we need to make that change.”

Currently, a school is only required to expel a student who commits a sex crime on school grounds. The legislation was prompted by a recent Livingston County case where a 16-year-old was convicted of criminal sexual conduct against multiple victims as young as 12 off of school grounds.

“We have to work together to ensure we are safeguarding all our students,” Noble said. “Anyone who commits criminal sexual conduct is a threat to school communities and needs to be dealt with seriously.”

House Bills 5530, 5531 and 5532 advance to the Senate for its consideration.