Rep. Noble secures funds for upgrades to district libraries

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State Rep. Jeff Noble, of Northville, held his monthly office hours last week at the Plymouth District Library. While discussing policy and local issues with constituents, Noble was honored by the library with a t-shirt as thanks for his efforts in securing funds for upgrades.

“On top of conquering record funding for our schools this coming year’s budget, we must not forget the importance of what our district libraries do for our communities,” Noble said. “Libraries promote literacy and education for all. I have so much respect for the expert librarians who can help navigate those looking for answers that a simple internet search cannot deliver.”

Noble advocated for and secured $96,000 in appropriations for the Plymouth District Library and $81,000 for the Northville District Library. Upgrades will improve technology, enhance software and revamp educational labs to better streamline research.

“The goal was to increase educational opportunities for everyone in our community,” Noble said. “Whether you are a child exploring new worlds with your favorite author, or a college student looking for a credible source to include in your research project, or even someone checking out the book your reading club is diving into next, libraries can benefit us all. I pledge to continue my commitment to education throughout our community.”

Photo Information: State Rep. Jeff Noble is joined by librarian Sue Stoney as he “rocks” the t-shirt given to him by the Plymouth District Library for his efforts in securing $96,000 for upgrades.