Rep. Miller: Efforts to reduce insurance costs for Michigan drivers must continue

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State Rep. Aaron Miller of Sturgis today said he will continue exploring options to lower car insurance prices for all Michigan drivers.

Miller voted ‘yes’ on House Bill 5013, which would guarantee lower car insurance rates for all Michigan drivers — with the greatest savings going to seniors. The bill did not pass in a vote late today in the House.

“Despite the frustrating results of this vote, I will continue to fight for reform,” Miller said. “I’ve talked to more people than I can count who are so frustrated with the high insurance costs they’ve moved across the border into Indiana. So something definitely needs to be done now. The results of this vote don’t change that, but at least I was able to show my constituents where I stand.

“The fact that we have the most expensive auto insurance in the land, in my opinion, is the single biggest reason why our population growth is stagnant. The bill we considered today would have been a huge step in the right direction toward making Michigan a better place to live and raise a family.”

House Bill 5013 offers personal injury protection (PIP) coverage choice, fights fraud, and reins in medical costs. The bill remains in the House.