Rep. McCready: Extra state revenue should be spent fixing Michigan’s roads

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Rep. Mike McCready of Bloomfield Township today said the state should spend newly forecast revenue increases repairing Michigan roads.

“If the state has more money available than previously expected, there’s only one place it should go – and that’s toward fixing Michigan’s roads,” McCready said. “We made commitments to improve road funding back in 2015, and those commitments are kicking in now. But anyone who drives on Michigan roads can plainly see that commitment is not enough. We need more resources committed to road repairs, and that needs to happen right now.”

McCready’s comments came after the latest revenue estimating conference at the state Capitol. Forecasters projected that the state will have nearly $228 million more in general fund revenue than was previously expected for the current and upcoming budget years combined. That number does not include money specifically earmarked for a fund supporting Michigan schools.

McCready said the extra general fund money should go directly to local units of government specifically for local road projects.

“Michigan has an opportunity here we can’t afford to miss,” McCready said. “This extra money obviously will not fix all of the roads that urgently need repairing, but it’s a key step in the right direction.”