Rep. Lucido’s electronic registration bill approved by committee

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Legislation submitted by state Rep. Peter Lucido of Shelby Township which allows drivers to share an electronic proof of registration during the course of a traffic stop was approved today by the House Insurance Committee.

“It’s time we take another step into the 21st century,” Lucido said. “Technology is part of our everyday life. A paper proof of registration is not the only way to confirm ownership of our cars. We should have proof, or access to such proof, on that technology.”

The legislation allows either paper or electronic proof of registration to be shared during the course of a traffic stop. Law enforcement officials will be allowed to confirm by taking the device to their vehicle or requesting the documentation be forwarded by email or text.

The bill follows similar legislation enacted on 2016 that allows for electronic proof of vehicle insurance.

“This is a bill which makes it easier for drivers and police officers by giving an added option to confirm registration,” Lucido said. “It’s common sense for this to be approved in 2017.”