Rep. Lucido’s civics test bill clears House

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State Rep. Pete Lucido, R-Shelby Township, speaking on the House Floor today in support of his bill to require students to pass a civics test.

The Michigan House of Representatives today approved state Rep. Pete Lucido’s bill to amend the Revised School Code to require students to pass a civics test similar to the naturalization test used by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

“Let’s face it, immigrants coming into this country have worked tirelessly to get here and will do whatever it takes to fully understand and comprehend American government and our nation’s history,” said Rep. Lucido.

“I whole-heartedly believe children living in America right now ought to be required to know this same pertinent information.

“This bipartisan bill proves that we, as a representative body, feel it is important for a graduating high school student to have more knowledge about American Civics then about a fast food dollar menu.”

House Bill 4163 serves as a condition of the student earning credit in high school civics, however there is no requirements in the bill for the results of the test to affect the student’s GPA.

“Students are simply not learning the difference between federal, state and local government entities, nor do they have clear understanding about the three branches of government and their distinct and exclusive powers,” Rep. Lucido said.

“These are the students who will grow up to take our places in many disciplines, and all walks of life, including government. We should expect that they will know that ours is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We should demand more from the next generation and require that there be more than just a basic understanding of civics but rather a thorough comprehension and fond appreciation for American history.”

HB 4136 now moves to the Senate for consideration.