Rep. Lucido welcomes ‘Rep. for a Day’ contest winner to the Capitol

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State Rep. Peter photo-sep-22-10-29-19-am-1J. Lucido today hosted a very special guest when Amber Watta of Shelby Township joined the lawmaker as “Representative for a Day.”

Amber was selected as the winner of Rep. Lucido’s summer reading contest. The reading contest—which took place between May and August—invited elementary school students to fill out an entry bookmark each time they completed reading 10 books to win a trip to the Capitol.

“Amber is truly a role model for her peers,” said Rep. Lucido, R-Shelby Township. “Her dedication to reading was unmatched in this contest as she far exceeded the expectations of the contest.”

After taking an oath and being sworn in as a “junior representative,” Amber toured the Capitol alongside her family and Rep. Lucido and then participated in a mock committee hearing followed by lunch with Rep. Lucido.

“It was such an honor having Miss Watta by my side today,” Rep. Lucido said. “I have no doubt we will see great things from her in the future as her dedication to her education in and out of the classroom will surely take her far.”