Rep. Lucido testifies for bill establishing clarity in guidelines for pawned goods

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State Rep. Peter Lucido today provided testimony before the House Committee on Commerce and Trade on his bill providing broader ability to police when dealing with possible stolen items at pawnshops.

The bill allows law enforcement to put a written hold on an item in possession of a pawnbroker if evidence suggests it was stolen, or if a police report was filed regarding the item. While a hold order is in effect, the pawnbroker must release the property in question for the purposes of a criminal investigation or ownership claim. The hold will not exceed 90 days unless extended by court order.

“This bill makes it easier for local law enforcement to do its job in possible cases of theft,” said Lucido, of Shelby Township. It’s important that business owners help in the pursuit of justice in these cases. This is also going to dissuade individuals from bringing stolen items into shops. Law enforcement will be equipped with new tools to track down evidence and help identify those taken in violation of the law.”

The regulation on business owners would be minimal, as law enforcement may only have one hold order at a time per business. House Bill 4887 remains under consideration.

PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Peter Lucido (right), of Shelby Township, offers testimony on House Bill 4887 along with Michigan Pawn Association president Mark Aubrey before the House Committee on Commerce and Trade on Nov. 7.