Rep. Lucido responds to retirement plan legislation

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LANSING – State Rep. Peter Lucido issued the following statement in response to municipal and education retiree legislation currently being considered in Lansing:

“You can be assured I will not vote to make any changes to current municipal or teacher retiree plans, as I believe the benefits which were negotiated in good faith should be honored. The legislation submitted regarding municipal retiree health care plans is currently in a House committee, while bills addressing teacher retirement plans are in the state Senate. The legislative packages may change significantly before coming to the House floor for a vote.

“Our state is facing a significant crisis when it comes to underfunded public pensions and we must have these discussions, but not during the abbreviated end of session. We have to work on these issues in Lansing because the financial advisors, along with leadership in management and unions, should have noticed and taken action long ago so it did not become a crisis. Those are who should be accountable and be called for testimony to explain why an agreement was made that is now or going to be financially unsustainable. Did they not know or just not care? I hope everybody understands that bankruptcy is a real possibility and that’s why the state leadership must explore our options because nobody else is owning up to this problem.

“I thank everyone who has called or emailed my office, reached out on social media, or contacted me directly. Please do not be misinformed on the issues we are discussing in Lansing, but also know I stand with the current and future first responders and teachers who have dedicated so much to us in Macomb County.”