Rep. Lucido joined by time-change expert for committee hearing

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State Rep. Peter Lucido, left, speaks in support of his legislation to end the twice-annual time change in Michigan. Time-change expert Scott Yates, right, joined him to testify before the House Commerce and Trade Committee.

Rep. Peter Lucido, of Shelby Township, was joined today by time-change expert Scott Yates to speak in support of legislation to eliminate the twice-a-year time changes in Michigan.

Lucido, the Shelby Township legislator sponsoring the bill, said the twice-a-year time changes are disruptive, making employees late to work and negatively affecting how students perform at school.

“We’ve been flipping our clocks around for nearly 100 years, and it just doesn’t make sense. No one can provide a good reason about why we continue to participate in the time change, but loads of people have very valid reasons about why we shouldn’t,” Lucido said. “Teachers complain that it’s disruptive to students, dairy farmers will tell you their cows produce less milk because of the time change, business owners notice lower productivity in their employees, and study after study has shown that changing the clocks has negative health effects.”

Reports have shown increases in heart attacks, seizures, strokes and on-the-job injuries due to time changes. A 2014 study by the American College of Cardiology shows a 25-percent jump in heart attacks occurred the Monday after moving the clocks, compared to other Mondays during the year. Another study from the Journal on Health Medicine showed an increase in hospitalizations due to strokes in the two days following the time changes from 2004 to 2013.

“Science shows how bad it is for people to change times,” Yates said. “The statistics are very clear that time change does effect everybody.”

Rather than end Daylight Saving Time, however, Lucido is proposing that Michigan eliminate the time change by remaining in Daylight Saving Time all year round.

“We’re already in Daylight Saving Time for nine months out of the year, it makes sense for us to just stay there,” Lucido said. “That’s what the majority of people I’ve spoken to all across Michigan want because it gives families more time to spend outside in the evening. This will lead to more active children and help combat childhood obesity.”

House Bill 4011 remains under consideration by the House Commerce and Trade Committee.