Rep. Lucido bill clarifies obstructed license plate

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State Rep. Peter Lucido on Wednesday introduced legislation that clarifies the definition of a clearly visible license plate for the safety of Michigan drivers.

The bill is in response to a Michigan Supreme Court case People v. Dunbar, which found the current law can be enforced against tow balls and bike racks.

“While it is important to ensure license plates are visible, we also need to ensure the law isn’t overly broad,” said Rep. Lucido, of Shelby Township. “We encourage people to go camping, biking, and exploring in our great state, and with the recent Supreme Court place saying the law doesn’t cover these activities, we need to change the law.”

In People v. Dunbar, the Michigan Supreme Court held a tow ball placed by the owner of the vehicle creates an illegal obstruction, since it was not an obstruction which was outside of the owners control. House Bill 4881 would clarify this law to be the registration plate is free from an obstruction that is physically present on the plate.

House Bill 4881 was referred to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.