Rep. Lucido announces ‘equitable and fair’ plan to improve southeast Michigan roads

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State Rep. Peter Lucido of Macomb County today announced he is working on a legislative plan to help improve roads in southeast Michigan without further tax increases or bonding proposals.

Lucido’s plan calls for keeping the money raised from vehicle registration fees and state per-gallon gas taxes that motorists already pay within their home counties to improve the roads they drive on most.

“If you register your vehicle in Macomb, fill up your gas tank in Macomb, and spend most of your time driving in Macomb – those taxes and fees you pay should stay in Macomb,” said Lucido, of Shelby Township. “Same goes for Detroit, Lansing or wherever you happen to live. Drivers deserve to know the fees and taxes they pay are going toward fixing the roads they drive on most. This is an equitable and fair solution to Michigan’s road funding issues, and it’s really just common sense.”

Lucido said the state’s current transportation funding formula is too focused on how many miles of roadway are within a certain jurisdiction rather than how heavily those roads are actually traveled. His plan addresses that concern by reflecting the volume of vehicle registrations, traffic and fuel purchases within a region.

Lucido said the changes become even more important as the state proceeds with already-planned increases to road funding over the next several years.

“We’ve got to fix our road funding formula first and foremost,” Lucido said. “No one should be talking about higher taxes or bonding before we get that straightened out.”