Rep. Lower bills eliminate bureaucracy

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The House Oversight Committee today heard testimony and voted to approve plans sponsored by state Rep. Jim Lower of Cedar Lake eliminating the Michigan Capitol Committee.

The Michigan Capitol Committee was established in 1986 with the responsibility of making recommendations regarding any physical changes to the Capitol building or the surrounding grounds. More recently in 2013, the Capitol Commission was established for maintaining and restoring the Capitol Building, and took over the duties of the Capitol Committee.

Lower’s plans remove any references to the Capitol Committee and require the Capitol Commission to report directly to the Appropriations committees, rather than the Capitol Committee.

“As soon as the Capitol Commission was created, the Capitol Committee has not met,” Lower said. “That’s five years of no activity. Since the Capitol Commission shares the same responsibilities, the Capitol Committee is redundant and no longer needed.”

House Bills 6006 and 6007 now advance to the full House for further consideration.